100 Emerging Trends (and Niche Ideas) From Pinterest

Last Update: Dec 10, 2019

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Back in April of 2019, I shared the top summer niche trends from Pinterest. If you enjoyed that list, then you'll enjoy this one too!

Pinterest has done it again. They have published a new report for the latest 100 search trends (on Pinterest) as we prepare fo 2020.

These reports a great way to find emerging trends and niche ideas (and topic ideas where appropriate) for your affiliate websites.

There are some interesting trends like:

  • 90s-themed parties
  • 90's cartoons
  • 90's music
  • Y2K outfits
  • Grunge fashion
  • 90's streetwear
  • A 90's business tip suggestion from Pinterest
  • Gender-neutral topics, clothes and lifestyle
  • Low-waste living
  • Ocean trash art

And more....!

Remember to think out of the box when it comes to niche ideas for your website.

These 100 ideas are definitely timely to the world today :)

Happy Learning!

Recent Comments


Thanks for sharing.

You got it :)

Thank you. Bookmarked this one!

Super Mike :)

Brilliant and thank you for sharing much appreciated

I had a good look and can see so many opportunities.

I am starting a new niche after the SAC and this confirms what I was thinking so many thanks to you


Glad this helped to confirm your ideas Jennifer :) The possibilities are endless, and these lists are good to see what people care about.

Yes and I am beginning to see things much clearer now.

Many thanks

Bring it on 2020


Funny. I got that notification as well. Going to have a look. I'm thinking about making a change?


Changing websites and niche all together? That's a tough question to answer.

I changed niches 3 times before I found a topic I was really interested in sticking with.

Just keep in mind, every time you change, you start over. This change puts you back in time in the beginning. If you still like your authority website topic and just haven't produced a lot of content for it, then I'd suggest doing that first before starting over completely.

But, I do understand, your first topic is not always a home run.

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