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Last Update: May 25, 2018

A newbie here,

Hello All WA members and mentors.

I just found out there is a blog corner a few minutes ago.

I joined a couple of days ago and completed the free course in two days. Now I am just exploring the platform.

I am honored to have been welcomed by some of you and happy to have got 19 followers now and 19 following people.

I am glad that my rank seem to have improved from 150,000s to 125,882 as I write this. I have no clues on ranking criteria but that looks like a great leap (laughs).

Cheers all

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Just believe that U can Do it Don't Believe in lack
KatieMac Premium
Gosh you have been working hard to finish the starter training so quickly, well done and glad to see you are enjoying it so far, I am sure your followers will increase each day
EKaye1 Premium
You are making good progress on here, keep it up, I wish you all the best.