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Our beautiful community the wealthy affiliate has great people that lead us by example. People who support, educate and nurture all those who need nurturing. We all have different stories. Some of us start without any motion, some of us with a crawl and the fortunate ones start with a run. In that sense there are those who will fault a lot before finding their momentum.Hustling is not easy for everyone, but for anyone who is here and putting that limited time of theirs, means that they are tryi
July 24, 2018
I am currently stuck at the certification level 4 where we need to sign up for twitter.Two weeks ago I decided signing up with my main e mail only to get a message that my e mail was taken. If my e mail is taken and I have never signed up for twitter before, it only translates to that someone is using my e mail on twitter. So I went ahead to reclaim my account by recovering the password. That was easily done.When I got in, I found a profile picture on twitter that I have never seen and a user n
I just published an article yesterday but was still working on it, fixing here and there. Usually I like spending a bit of time with my article before getting it to the masses through social networks. Today I had one more thing to fix up but was a bit caught up with some stuff. I was thinking what if I got indexed before my article is all fixed up? Guess what? That's just what happened! My article got indexed and it kind of helped the article I wrote about a month ago. So I got double indexed
Upon selecting my niche I didn't know much about the competition I was in. My first choice was a niche about gifts, but Kyle advised me to narrow it down so I decided to focus on rare gifts. I thought this wasn't as competitive (lol). After publishing my site I was shocked to find out that there were over 12 million pages on google using the narrowed down version of my keyword and there was no way I could find my site on the first 50 pages even after some of my articles getting indexed. That w
Today after 7 articles in my blog I discovered how to check if my articles are indexed in google or not by chance. Sounds funny I know, but I am sure I am not alone.Before that I searched in google to get clues and I also read somewhere that I need to go to google webmasters but the webmasters didn't work for me. Then today when I was looking at the bucket of my website contents I noticed under every content there is a G (Google sign). If the G sign is colorful that means your article is indexe
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June 10, 2018
First I would like to thank Magi studios for great webinars. I happened to stumble upon his webinar on how to use canva. I have always wanted to spice up my site but didn't know how to go about it. But now the header you see above I made it on canva. I could finally make my own logo. Actually two months ago I was about to spend $65 dollars for a logo. Secondly, I was working on an article. A couple of days after joining WA I found and interesting product that I would like to write about. Then I
From my last post where I was happy with 150 k rank, now I can see a better progress to 50,363rd rank as I write this.The 2nd certification training couldn't be rushed as I had to put in about two solid articles there in the process - Thanks to the way the training is tailored. If you haven't taken your second certification, I encourage you to do that since it will encourage you to put in the work in your contents. In addition, you will get a test of networking through G plus and in house feedb
May 30, 2018
Hi FamilyMy first site with only one article just got ranked. I don't know what that actually means but I am happy with that.Woking on my second article now.I find it quite a challenge to write 1000 words article but I hope to get there.cheers,Khalfish
May 25, 2018
A newbie here,Hello All WA members and mentors.I just found out there is a blog corner a few minutes ago.I joined a couple of days ago and completed the free course in two days. Now I am just exploring the platform. I am honored to have been welcomed by some of you and happy to have got 19 followers now and 19 following people.I am glad that my rank seem to have improved from 150,000s to 125,882 as I write this. I have no clues on ranking criteria but that looks like a great leap (laughs).Cheer