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Last Update: June 13, 2019
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You may be thinking to yourself, that you got what it takes to be successful in any en devour you do in life. I for one, think that is an awesome attitude to have.

When I first joined wealthy affiliate, it was hard to contain the excitement inside of me. I thought to myself after doing some training and working on my website, now my future is set.

The longer I have stayed in wealthy affiliate the more I realize, that despite having fantastic training, great web platform to create websites, awesome tools to work with. The major wealth lays not where I first thought. It was found of all places.

In the people in the community of wealthy affiliate. Time after time I read someone's blog, and have learned't a bunch of new skills. Or talk to some people in live chat, or simply just sit back and listen to questions and answers.

If you have not done it already start following people, actually read their posts and more importantly communicate with as many people as you can.

There are riches to be gained by joining a community such as this. It is never too late to stretch out your hand and make a new friend.

One of the hardest thing to find in life is good people. You my friend are so fortunate that your have access to thousands of good people here in wealthy affiliate.

Don't let the real wealth pass you by.

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accad Premium
We are all part of that great wealth here.
JohnJStanley Premium Plus
Nice and touching, you are a big part of what makes WA great Sam
kezsam-Sam-F Premium
Thank you
Talk2Ray Premium
I do believe the community here is top notch, rarely have I seen such a great group outside of the military community.
PBereal Premium
That was a very touching post. It goes to prove how much people need and influence each other.
kezsam-Sam-F Premium
Thank you, appreciate the comment.
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