I Just Became A Premium Member. First Impression On Website Builder. Wow!

Last Update: November 03, 2015

I just signed up as a Premium member after perusing this site after being free for a couple days. I want to tell the newbies here something they might not know.

I used to build websites through Wordpress. I was known for getting people up and running with domain names and hosting in about an hour and I've used Wordpress for years as it is all around the most developed and advanced website service around.

I just clicked on what this site offers in the "Premium Service" and I have to say that it is AMAZING. There are certain things in Wordpress that I remember being a must have ability, and they have grown in the last 3 years since I was active.

But Wealthy Affiliate has integrated with them seamlessly to do all the work for you, and FAST. With all the bells and whistles that top bloggers and affiliates use. I know this as I have been in the industry 6+ years.

This is not rinky-dink stuff where they are giving you "website' just to boost hosting sales, and have crappy pages which Google hates and doesn't search. This is top of the line sites and site designs, thousands I saw. I really wish they had a 'search by theme' function though, because looking through thumbnails into the thousands is actually a pain, and a waste of bandwidth because nobody is scrolling down into the hundreds. They usually pick out of the first 100 sites.

It's literally one click site building, one click login, one click ad sense-plug in-metrics tracking-data setup that I have never even seen through well known "Host and Build" sites. I've owned over 500 domain names, sold many, and had maybe 6 active wordpress sites in my life for blogging and interests (never monetized)...and I say this with that experience under my belt.

So far I am impressed. Now let's hope I can make some money with this.


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rickpruitt Premium
Thanks for the insight--good to have some affirmation on one who has been there done that
krazykat Premium
Yes, indeed it is pretty amazing!
Thank you for sharing.
stephhill Premium
I am sure you will continue to be impressed. I like your idea of searching by themes. That would be cool. Good job on the post.
kevtav Premium
Thank you. I actually enjoy writing here, lol. This site is fun and informative.
stephhill Premium
It can be addictive. :)