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So here is my progress thus far and how I got here:I came to Wealthy Affiliate roughly 5 days ago, maybe 4, dunno. My experience online has been vast and wide. I've built websites (old days of Wordpress), I've flipped domain names (bought and sold them), ran a political blog which doesn't exist anymore, I've been an Ebay Powerseller, and currently work in Ebay and FBA.I NEVER thought of being involved in "Marketing" or any type of affiliate work. I was always told to stay away, by 'Gurus' that
So I jumped ahead of the training because Google was not indexing ANYTHING from my site. I got impatient, because before when I actually ran blogs and built sites (years ago) I was able to get stuff crawled and indexed within 24 hours. I have no idea if stuff like "Webmaster Tools", site verification, or Google Analytics is even in the training, so I did it on my own.After over an hour of struggling, I remembered that Chrome as a browser is much more straight forward and friendly with anything
I just signed up as a Premium member after perusing this site after being free for a couple days. I want to tell the newbies here something they might not know.I used to build websites through Wordpress. I was known for getting people up and running with domain names and hosting in about an hour and I've used Wordpress for years as it is all around the most developed and advanced website service around.I just clicked on what this site offers in the "Premium Service" and I have to say that it is