Earnings Skyrocketing From Ezoic?! Plus Other Updates and Developments

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Hi WA friends, how are we all doing? The fourth quarter has begun and with that, the holiday season is coming up presenting times for celebration of our moments in this year.

With how my year has gone by with difficult auction projects that didn't convert and realizations of my need to work harder on my side hustles, this year's fourth quarter has become a time where I'm really pushing the pedal forward to build out my side hustles.

And with my newfound motivation after watching Canada Open (a professional badminton tournament) in person combined with recent successes with Ezoic, I'm nothing but excited for what the future holds.

Ezoic Implementation and the Immediate Results

About a week ago on September 26, I got an email from an Ezoic representative encouraging me to switch from Google Adsense and give Ezoic a try.

This was for my first website I created here on WA back in 2018 called Get Good At Badminton.

I had written a good number of posts when I first started it and created some good momentum before getting distracted by other shiny objects and losing motivation.

The initial efforts paid off though. For the last few years, the website has been getting about 10k visitors every month. Google Adsense was the primary way of monetizing the website where I made about $20-$50 CAD every month. It wasn't much, but it was enough to pay for the website and my WA membership.

It was also enough to attract the attention of a representative from Ezoic whose proposition interested me enough to give the platform a try.

If you don't know what Ezoic is, it's an A.I. platform for publishers designed to help them control monetization, site speed, improving revenue, enhancing SEO, and more. For most of us, we're more interested in their monetization feature.

Ezoic runs like Google Adsense Auto Ads. The difference is that instead of only displaying Google Adsense ads, they display ads from their extensive network of partners including Google Adsense based on who bids the highest. This will give you better earnings without massively increasing the number of ads served on your site.

The Complex Implementation

Implementing Ezoic should be very straightforward, but due to the various website conflicts I had, the integration took an entire week. I wanted to discuss my implementation of Ezoic to help others who may be interested in Ezoic avoid pitfalls that I fell into.

There are three ways to implement Ezoic that I know.

The first one is through their Wordpress plugin. This is the integration method I started with and the one the Ezoic representative said should be a last resort.

Frankly, the Wordpress integration didn't work because of caching issues and I didn't know which was the problem between the theme and a plugin I used.

The second method to integrate Ezoic is by changing your domain nameservers to the Ezoic ones. This is the method Ezoic recommends the most and believes to be the least problematic. For me, I didn't know if I was going to lose WA features such as Site Feedback and Site Comments by doing this, so I didn't want to go this route if I didn't have to.

Thankfully, there was a third way to integrate Ezoic by changing my WA domain nameservers to Cloudflare and then providing an API key to Site Support. Now to be honest, I have no idea how WA, Ezoic, and Cloudflare all fit together in this integration as I did not even know what Cloudflare did prior to integrating Ezoic, but it all worked out well.

If you're trying to implement Ezoic on your website and the Wordpress plugin method is not working, I recommend to not waste too much time troubleshooting what could have gone wrong and go straight to the nameserver or Cloudflare integration strategy.

Huge shoutout to the WA members and Site Support for helping me set up Ezoic on my website!

Ezoic Initial Impressions and Results

There are good news and bad news with Ezoic.

The bad news was that a lot of things on my website broke when trying to implement Ezoic. I had to turn off AMP, switch Wordpress themes, and delete multiple plugins.

Ezoic does slow down your site quite a bit in the beginning, so on the positive note, deleting those features and opting for a faster theme was a good move anyway.

The good news, however, is that my initial results with Ezoic are already impressive.

Earnings in USD

These earnings are already higher than my average Adsense earnings from before. And from looking at this screenshot, it feels like my earnings are higher with every passing day.

These are only the first 7 days too! Since Ezoic is a platform that utilizes AI to make ads better, it can take some time to optimize based on the data it's getting.

That's why I'm so excited to watch Ezoic play out. It's already outperforming Google Adsense by quite a bit and it should get even better from here.

Simple Is Better

Of course, we're not going to settle and be complacent after seeing a couple of dollars. We're going to build off this momentum from Ezoic and grow alongside its optimizations.

One thing I learned while switching themes and deleting more than half of the plugins on my website is that you really don't need that many features on your website.

A fast website with readable content that is helpful and/or entertaining is all you need. And so, I changed the themes on many of my websites and cut down the plugin list to look something like this:

  • Image optimizer plugin
  • Table of contents plugin
  • Classic editor plugin
  • SEO plugin

As for the themes, I went on Google, searched up fastest Wordpress theme, and that theme happened to be Astra according to various websites.

A Simple Action Plan

With Ezoic now set up and the website working properly, I'm not going to change anything except publish new articles.

The most valuable thing a blogger can do is blog. And in our case, we can be more specific and say that we want to publish articles targeting the low-hanging fruit keyword.

Things like optimizing your website, monetization, social media marketing, and email marketing are icing on the cake. The content is the cake.

I decided to really streamline what exactly it is that I need to do in the couple of months to create a really high level of focus and hopefully, a super productive environment as a result.

My sole efforts will be on writing articles for keywords that fit the criteria of being a low-hanging fruit keyword. And that's all I'll be doing for the next little while. I'm not thinking of anything else unless it pops up in my face as an urgent problem.

Let's get more content out and see what happens!

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Kevin, thank you for sharing your Ezoic experience.

From my experience, ad monetization is one of the most effective ways to begin earning revenue on your website.
I see it as a short (6 months) to medium (1 year) strategy.

I have just hit 10K visitors a month with my first website and I am going the Ezoic way.
AdSense was not beneficial when I implemented it over a year ago.

Ezoic integration caused me to lose necessary WA resources so I did not go that way.
currently, I am working through Cloudflare integration.
From what you have shared, it seems the best way to go.

I will also share my experience for the benefit of our WA members.

Wishing you continued success.


Thanks for sharing, Cassi!

A useful and informative post Kevin. Thanks for sharing your insights.
Well done on persevering and your initial good results.
Wishing you continued success.


Thank you!

This is exciting stuff, Kevin! Thanks for this important share, my friend!


Thank you for commenting!

You're very welcome, Kevin, and thanks for the info again, my friend!


Hi Kevin,
Thanks for sharing. I have been thinking about implementing Ezoic on my site, but I have been hesitating because of how difficult and confusing it seems. Plus, I am scared of having it slow down my site.
I am still thinking about it. Thanks for sharing your experience.

For sure! I'll definitely be sharing more experiences with Ezoic as time passes too.

I have been trying to get Ezoic set up on my blog but as you found out it is not that simple.
As you said I didn't want to change nameservers and I couldn't get the plugin to work either!!
This is possibly the way forward but I don't really want my site to slow down and I'm not sure which plugins to delete so I'm at a stalemate for now :-)

Yes, it's definitely a game of trade-offs. I personally think it was worth it, but we'll continue to see how Ezoic performs.

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