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Hi my name is Kevin I'm from Houston, Texas.

I recently graduated University of Houston Clear Lake with a bachelors degree in computer information systems.

My passion is basically to create my own original content whether it be my own original stories, video games, scripts, videos on youtube, pixel art, or something else. I love to be creative and come up my own version of my favorite things

I have a 3 year old chihuahua that loves to get into trouble way too often. She knows no boundaries and jumps on any of the furniture that she wants to.

I know a little programming is C# and in Visual Basic, however programming isn't really my "thing". I've found it very frustuating over the years!

What I love above all else is creating my own art, particularly pixel art (or digital art). I still draw off the computer but not as often as I used to.

So if you have any art related tasks feel free to ask me and I'll see what I can do, I'm also familiar with making videos online as well.
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Welcome to WA. There's lots of info on this site so don't let it blow your mind. Follow the 30 training offered here and also go to WAbinars and go to Affiliate Walk Through parts 1 & 2. There it will put it all together for you. I also suggest going to potpiegirls blog. She good. MUCH SUCCESS
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Hi Kevin,Welcome,may you experience success here at WA. Cheers!
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WElcome to WA
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Welcome to the WA family
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Thanks, I'm glad to be here