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Last Update: Jul 15, 2019

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One of the biggest obstacles that you might face as a content creator is that nagging fear that nobody will read what you write.

And to a certain degree, when you're starting out, it's true.

Before you begin to build traffic and people start visiting your website, there won't be an audience for your words.

The importance of sharing and caring

That's where Wealthy Affiliate's Site Comments program comes in.

It's not just about building discussion on your website, it's about building your confidence as a writer because when people leave comments on your post it gives you a sense of being seen, of being visible, of being noticed.

It doesn't matter that the comments are being left by someone from the WA community, what matters is that someone has read your words in enough detail to leave a comment.

This is one of the reasons why you should never just skim over someone's post and leave a generic, meaningless comment.

What you say matters because your words will help to build the confidence of a fellow WA member and motivate to keep moving forwards.

Why leaving two comments to receive one is awesome

Have you ever wondered why there's a two-to-one ratio to the Site Comments system? Why you need to leave two comments before you're allowed to request one?

I don't know for sure but I like to believe it's because Kyle wants people to get used to the idea that helping others leads to others helping you. He's always promoted the idea that this is a pay-it-forward community.

Remember, when you have to leave to comments to request your own, you're actually helping to motivate two other members to keep writing!

Comments matter out there too

When you're browsing the Internet and encounter another blog talking about something that interests you, just remember that the author is someone just like you.

They really, really, really want someone to leave a comment so they feel that what they wrote matters to someone.

If you expect people to leave comments on your own website, you need to make others feel you're worth visiting.

Most Wordpress blog comments enable you to leave a website address with your comment. If you leave a nice comment, the blog author may feel inclined to visit your website as a result.

In business networking with other people and building relationships leads to success.

Don't wait, talk about yourself

It can be frustrating, waiting for Google to start directing people in your direction but you don't have to stand for that.

You can go out there and invite them to read your posts.

Every time you write a new piece of content, create a nice graphic (it's easy with tools like Canva or Stencil). I used Stencil to create the header for this post.

You don't have to post to every platform but with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest you have a huge audience that's hungry for content - you just have to start posting and interacting with other platform users.

Believe in yourself

Writing long articles, especially if you've never written anything in your life, can be scary but you can do it - lots of people on Wealthy Affiliate have learned how by following the training.

Affiliate Marketing truly is a field of dreams, if you build it, they will come.

In the meantime, while you're waiting for the traffic to build from the search engines, go out there and invite some people to read your awesome content on the social media platforms.

Use WA's Site Comments program to get some eyes on your work so you don't feel alone.

And most importantly... believe in yourself and keep writing!

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That is such a good thing to point out -- that the comments we leave, even though we are from here, is still a validation that someone is reading our material. I have that same feeling -- I just want people to read what I write...and seeing comments gives us a feeling that at least someone has read our post.

Yes, you definitely have to have self-belief, as a starting point before anyone else will believe in you, Alan

Of course, self-belief is like a seed.
It starts out very small and grows as we keep trying.

Thanks for sharing this great message.


You're welcome, Derek. :)

Hi Phil,

A great message. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks, Michael!
I appreciate your comment.

Sometimes, believing in oneself takes time assimilate.

Absolutely - all the more reason to keep writing.

Over time, I've found my belief in my own writing growing as I've seen myself improve and I've felt the process getting easier.

Plus the occasional kind comment from readers has helped. :)

Often times I have to teach myself.

Very true. Jim

Good post, thanks :)

Thanks, Darren!

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