I had a fabulous weekend

Last Update: Sep 17, 2018

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With my husband and friends, went to Santa Rosa. It is a long drive from Sacramento about

two hours if there is no traffic, it took us three hours to get up our destination.
santa Rosa is a California city in Sonoma County, known for its wineries and for among others
sites the Spring Lake is one of Sonoma Country's most popular walking and hiking destinations
We end up at a friend's house and had a lovely dinner served with tasty wine
We really had a good, relaxing moment

That's the good part of life, being with friends, enjoy the moment and forget everything else
Have a look from some threes from Santa Rosa.

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Great one and happy to know you had an awesome week-end.



Thank you, Nila, for stopping by!

The atmosphere and momentum that should be enjoyed by relaxing, with family, is fun

I truly enjoyed spending the weekend in such a relax beautiful area!

Hey Jacqueline,
You visited a beautiful place and I here they are have great wine. Hope you got lots of relaxation time in.

Tried and True


Yes, Elaine, it was such beautiful place to go and relax, it is good to go away, get out of the routine.
Hope you will have a nice beautiful new week

Thanks Jacqueline! What a beautiful place to get away for some time with friends and good wine.
Beautiful photos!

Indeed we all had a great time and good wine!

Merci, Jacqueline. Je suis née en Californie du Nord et cela me rappelle de bons souvenirs avec ma petite mère française.
Tellement heureuse que vous ayez passé un bon moment.
Colette et Philip

J'ai l'impression que vous avez fait le tour de la planete, je suis d'accord le Nord de la Californie est vraiment magnifique, il y a tellement d'endroits que j'aimerais voir, mais je n'ai pas toujours le temps de prendre la route pour l'aventure!

Hi Jacqueline, looks so very beautiful. Glad you had a great weekend.

It was so nice to escape from the routine, so good for the mind!

Jacqueline ,

Thanking for sharing your journey with us .
It’s wonderful to get away and spend time with friends .
Good for you!!
Elaine and Scarlett

Indeed so relaxing to go away and being with friends.
I wish you a nice new week.

I am feeling how you felt by looking at that grand display of creative works! Welcome back Jacqueline!

Thank you, the mother nature is so beautiful!

Beautiful pics and calming and relaxing. Time for clearing of the mind and then get some work done starting Monday. That is great you had a wonderful time.

Best wishes

Thank you, Marmar for your comments, indeed I feel so relax after this escapade!

You are so welcome that is good now you can work with a clear head and get some quality work done without being overwhelmed with work.


A beautiful area indeed!

I really love going to Napa Valley, the view is so relaxing!

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