Dad's good report

Last Update: October 04, 2016

Good evening all I don't have any thing to say but thank you Lord.

We carried my farther to the hospital this morning to have his heart checked, he had had triple bypass about 20 years ago and was having some bad heart pains

The doctor went in though his arm and found one vain that was in bad need of cleaning out, said that it looked like it was full of cheese they cleaned it out and put in another stim.

I'm am thankful to the Lord for keeping pop here he will turn 86 the 28 of this month

Good luck and God bless you all


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MPollock Premium
That is awesome, take care of him
AlexEvans Premium
That was a blessing Wayne, thank you for sharing.
theresroth Premium
I'm so thankful that we have those medicinal possibilities now!
Profithog Premium Plus
PTL! Our God is an awesome God (sing it)! I am happy to hear your dad was caught in time and is doing well.
kenway Premium
He is awesome isn't He
Thanks Wayne
Sdaviscs1250 Premium
I am so happy for you. My husband, age 59, went in for a stress test last yr. Had no symptoms and found he had 3 blockages. One was 99% blocked. He is fine today, but what a scare.

From one thank understands,

kenway Premium
Thanks I hope that your husbands goes 20 years like pops did
good luck and God Bless