Grandparents Role Today vs Yesterday - What This Means To YOU?

Last Update: April 12, 2018

Most people are reluctant to change their way
of doing things because they have developed
concrete beliefs that they know best. However,
it should be pointed out that with changing times, new methods are sometimes required.

Due to the fast moving changes being made
on a daily basis, the need to adapt is almost
vital to insure a stable environment for all.

This is where the grandparents are vital in
the family dynamic that could shape a
grandchild's future relationship with all
concerned. Many factors have to be considered in coming up with a viable solution
to overcome possible conflicts caused by the

1. Grandkids ages
2. Grandparents customs/beliefs
3. Proximity to each other
4. Grandparents/parents relationship
5. Willingness to adapt to current times
6. Ability to reconcile different methods
7. Recognition of Parental Authority

To facilitate an environment that encompasses
all the necessary elements required to provide
tranquility within this extended family structure, it is mandatory that EVERYONE be
on the same page. This requires a "give" and
"take" concession that all parties may not agree with, but realize that is what it takes!

With the times changing so rapidly, it is no
wonder that people are scratching their heads
and asking, "Whatever happened to the Good
Old Days?" It is not a coincidence that people
are frustrated and remember the olden days
when life was less stressful and less complicated. Society has evolved to today's
lifestyle and has concluded that survival
requires a change in attitude.

In my opinion, this illustrates how the
interactions within the Wealthy Affiliate
Community are beneficial to all members. The
membership consists of individuals of
different: Cultures, Continents, Religions,
Races, Genders and various backgrounds
that are participating together heading toward
a common goal. These interactions between
WA members demonstrate how effective they
can be. Thus, the life-lessons learned here
are applicable to the subject of this Blog Post.

Therefore, by utilizing the training provided
within WA, interacting with members and
communicating the lessons learned to your
audience, you are utilizing the Pay-it-Forward
concept as a tool to educate others.

In summary, no one individual can solve the
difficult times facing society today. However,
if each of us, does their small part, it should
result in a better world for our family to thrive
and our grandchildren excel!

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haddish1954 Premium
Thank you for the awesome post!
DaleMaz Premium
Amen to this. Yes, whatever happened. A post like this is near and dear to my heart as I am a grandparent raising a grandchild. I know I didnt see a lot of that when I was a kid.

However it has opened a great door for me as one of my websites focuses on grandparents raising grandkids and I have a Facebook group that is quickly approaching 1000 members.

I took a difficult part of my life and with the help of Wealthy affiliate turned it into something very positive.

Thank you for the post.

KenPe Premium
Hey Dale,
Thank you for those very moving comments and the like. I was inspired to the point of notifying you on your profile that I am following you now. Best wishes for your continued success.

marmar463 Premium
Awesome post, Society of today is totally different from when we were kids things were a lot different people care about each other when we were growing up. Today I don't think that is so anymore the only ones that are like when were kids in WA. WA is everything like when we were kids.

jetrbby80316 Premium
Great lesson here Ken, and very apropos the way you pivoted the need for the traditional family structure to adapt the culture of Wealthy Affiliate.

We are a global interactive community, you can call us a "modern family" that is helpful and supportive to one another - an excellent model for how families should get along and help one another.
KenPe Premium
Hey Cheri,
Thanks for stopping by, the very nice comments and the like.
I appreciate all.