I Stopped Setting Conventional Goals, And Ideas Start Pouring In

Last Update: June 26, 2019

June has been a rough month. I have a love-hate-love relationship going on with Google. But no, I'm not going to talk about Google must have losing its mind.

Instead, I wanted to share about a goal setting and how I ditched conventional goal settings completely.

Let's see if you can relate to this.

Whenever I set a goal, like "I'm going to write 4 articles per week", there's a tiny voice behind my mind that whispers "You don't have the time to do so", "You'll be dead tired to do that", or simply "Stop kidding yourself".

It's just like you're making a resolution that you're shed dozens of pounds in the new year and your other self is saying "You said that last year and look at you now!"

When you make statements, you alllow your mind to sabotage your goals .

And that's completely natural, because most of us operate on a fear-based mind. Our mind instinctively try to protect us, by keeping us from trying.

A fear-based mind is good in situations of life an death, but it doesn't help much when we're trying to progress forward.

I turned to my favorite personal development platform, MindValley. It was a free 60 minutes master class, and the transformation was impactful.

Use lofty questions instead.

To prevent your mind from questioning your goals, you want to stop making statements. Let's be frank, how many goals have you achieved when you're making statements.

Even if you did, you will find yourself getting in your own way, more often than not.

So, the trick is to use 'lofty questions' instead of conventional goals. Lofty questions are positively worded questions on the assumption that you already accomplished your goal.

Instead of setting 'x' amount of earning from my site, I asked "why am I such a brilliant affiliate marketer?".

And guess what, my mind starts offering thousands of reasons and possibilites, instead of those self-ridiculing thoughts.

It doesn't matter if you believe in subconscious mind.

But if you find conventional goal-setting not working, give this method a try. It may just be the missing link between you and success.

Hope what I've learned help you in your journey.


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AlejandraB Premium
Great post, thanks for sharing.
Linda103 Premium
Excellent post and very true.
midhunvm Premium
This "loft questions" is not a new idea.

In fact this is originally created by Noah St.John.

He has a full course on this called "afformations".

The mistake most people make is that they get
distracted by self-courses instead of taking action.

Rather than taking the time to carefully wording
affirmations and questions, it is better to take action
on things that matter.

Because when we take action, even though there
is a chance of failure, the little successes we get
is enough to change our self-limiting beliefs.

Yes, there are some fundamental self-help which
works like having goals, a plan, smart work and
consistent, maybe half a dozen other things too.

But all the "new" self-help that is coming out from
various course sellers are cash cows that are
meant to suck money out of self-help junkies.

Most self-help junkies are not action takers, but
"course consumers".

There are 2754 billionaires in the world, how many
of them become billionaires by reading self-help
book or going through courses?

Nil or really few.

They become billionaires by hardwork, investing
their time and energy to learn about the industry,
by finding creative ideas because of their in-depth
industry knowledge, building teams and serving

In addition to that, being patient and not expecting
to get rich quick.

Yet, all the self-help gurus are selling "transformation"
and fast success by mentioning the billionaire stories,
which they achieved in a different way.

In regards to WA members, the most important thing
they can do is to publish a high-quality low hanging fruit
article every day to their blog.

60 minutes or a few hours spending time on self-help
webinars or courses is best spend on building their
blog or going through WA training.

That is the only thing to do, if the goal is to build a
full-time online business.
KennyLee Premium
Very good point there. I'm adverse to self-help gurus professing miracles just by encouraging you to visualize and nothing else.

I believe in both, spiritual growth + take action.
midhunvm Premium
Yes, you are right Kenny.

Spiritual growth + take action is what will
get results, but I like to add "massive" action.
DarrenNicola Premium
Good post and makes a lot of sense, thanks for sharing a new way to look at things.
Darren :)
SaraPoyner Premium
This is so true Kenny, I find I set goals, and then if I don't achieve them, my mind makes me pay, and then that sabotages the next set of goals! The virtual 'to do list' gets bigger and bigger and the negative increases with it.

I love MindValley too! Great post, thanks for sharing : )
KennyLee Premium
Yeah. Stop giving the mind opportunities to sabotage itself. Let's make the mind works toward our success. :)