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Pinterest just blew my mind.283 saves, 116 clicks and 13,020 impressions in less than 2 months. And there's no sign of stopping.Since I've joined WA, my focus was always on SEO. But with Google's recent upgrades chipped off some of the traffic, I've decided to take Pinterest seriously.It's still a trial-and-error process, where I'm creating various types of pins and see which ones work best.And then it happenned. For some reasons, this pin went viral and it's been more than a week where it has
In April, most of us who are on Amazon Associates got a rude shock of massive reduction cut in commission.I've written about my strategies to cushion the blow and I'm seeing some results.My Amazon earnings dropped from $500+ to $180+ per month. That's like a 64% reduction.I realized that it's a mistake putting all eggs in the same basket.And so, I started diversifying and looking for alternative ways to monetize my websites.I did the following and here's the result.Adsense - $25 per month.Priva
Hi,I need some feedback from US members.I know Amazon is a trusted brand and it does convert well. But with the commission drop, I'm trying to diversify.How does shopping at AliExpress, GearBest or Banggood sounds to you? What's your perception on these brands? Would you try it out?So far, I've got a few clicks at GearBest but none at Aliexpress. I'm not sure about Banggood as my application is still pending.But they do offer much higher commission, and some items from Amazon can be found at th
It's been a tough week, if you're running sites that monetized Amazon products. I've spent the entire week seeking alternative suppliers.Sovrn, formerly Viglink is an affiliate network that automatically convert and optimize your link to products/suppliers with higher commission rate. It's easy to sign up. It's easy to setup. You can even configure it to override your existing Amazon link.Based on what I understand, it can monetize existing affiliate and non-affiliate links on your site. I've j
It was about 2 am last night, when I was about to sleep, when an email from Amazon caught my eye. The greatest mistake that I've made is openning up that email that looks like this: As my mind was shutting down, the whole thing sounds like a bad nightmare, and I wish that it goes off when I woke up.Amazon Slashes Most Categories By More Than 50%By now, if you're promoting Amazon products, you're aware that most categories suffeered a cut in commission by more than 50%. I have a site promoting h
Ok. It's a case of me vs me here.My first website at WA has grown to 240 articles over the span of 4 years. At it's peak it's got 10K visitors per month.Yet, it lacks focus, branding and a proper direction. As a result, ranking drops after the multiple Google SEO updates and it's only 3.3K visitors per week.Now, I've created a 2nd website, which is more focused, brandable, and in a tight niche. This website has only 90 articles to date, but traffic has slowly risen amidst all the SEO updates. T
So, how many articles do you need to start making your first dollar online? 31. In a gadget niche that's monopolized by big sites like WireCutter, Cnet, etc. Here's the sweet first sale on Amazon.All this started when I challenged my self in December 2019, to rank and earn with a 30+ articles. Read more about it here. (with tips for competitor analysis)I was expeting to make the first sales in 6 months time. Only it took me 86 days (29th Dec 19 to 23rd March 20) for the first sales to happen.So
I believe most members in WA are affected in some sort of way by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Regardless of what's your belief and perception of the issues at hand, vulnerable people are dying and the frontlines (doctors/nurses/healtcare officiers) are risking their lives. My hearts go to the victims and the frontliners have all my support. With that said, I believe some of WA members are affected in a way or another. I've read the concern of one WA member about the travel niche taking a beat
“Man Plans, and God Laughs"Whoever who's been looking from above sure has his fair share of giggles. The thing is, I was only hoping to pick up useful skills in affiliate marketing when I hit 'Sign Up' like many of you hapless members here.That was 4 years ago.'Writing is just so not for me'That's been whirling around in my mind when I created my first 300 words article. It took me 2 hours of groaning and lamenting what I've gotten into, to finally publish the blog.I rinse and repeat the
2020 marks the 4th year I'm at WA. At one point, I was thinking of throwing the towel at this thing called affiliate marketing. I thought, maybe WA is just 'another money-draining courses' on the internet.It's hard not to have such thoughts when I've gone through two years without making money while some members have success in lesser time.But looking back at this point of time, I've seen growth and thankful for the mistakes that I've done along the way. Here's a quick recap for my years at WA: