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The first sales that you make online is always exciting. The joy will forever be etched in your mind, even if it's a commission of $0.50 or lesser.It shows that whatever you're working on is working, or at least there's a potential for growth. If you can make a single sale, then surely you can make thousands more.And you keep up the momentum and progress happens.More articles are showing up on Google and other search engine. You got traffic on social media and your PPC campaign is bearing fruit
When Kyle issued the SAC challenge 6 months ago, I took it up without hestitation. Back then, my first website was doing quite well on Amazon and I had a second site started. I thought I could juggle a 3rd SAC site. I did started and have about a dozen of blog articles before hell happens.Google released a Broad Core SEO update in June, and wiped out almost half of my traffic. I had to make tough decisions and decided to put the SAC site on hold.I amplified content, and improve some E-A-T fact
If I was to answer this question in 2017. It would be a huge NO. It took me 12 months for my first website to hit 60 articles, but with little to no earnings. Apparently, I was making many mistakes along the learning curve.I deviated from what's taught at WA.I did not focus on a certain 'niche'I let self-doubt derail my momentum. And more importantly, I did not 'market' or 'sell'. I started having a breakthrough after 100+ articles. It wasn't a total success but it's a good lesson on what works
Every small wins deserved a celebration.I'm 40+ blog articles into my 2nd Amazon niche sites. I was hoping for one of the higher priced items >$100 to be sold. I knew it was going to happen. It's just a question of time.And on the 10th of August, I got not one BUT TWO sales on items totalling $396.57.Going to keep up the momentum and focus for the site. It was getting more clicks and sales than last month.Cheers and to the best of your success!Kenny
Hi WA, Just a quick one on this. You shouldn't leave money on the table, at least not when you're promoting Amazon products. My website is promoting to the US market, but there are some traffics from the UK and Canada.So, activated Amazon OneLink and start automatically diverting traffics from these countries to their respective Amazon sites. I got my first cheque from Amazon UK and all it takes was clicking a few buttons on an already profitable site.Do check out AmazonOne link if you haven't
My love affair with Google started in 2016, when I joined this weird group of community named Wealthy Affiliate. I thought it's crazy that the owner, a cool dude named Kyle, suggested of courting Google's attention by building a website from scratch. I mean, what's the possibility of a total newbie getting ranked on Google.Months of desperation follow and the tiniest hint of traffic trickled in. Maybe Google is trying to show some love.But it's hard to know what Google really loves, except to k
June has been a rough month. I have a love-hate-love relationship going on with Google. But no, I'm not going to talk about Google must have losing its mind.Instead, I wanted to share about a goal setting and how I ditched conventional goal settings completely. Let's see if you can relate to this.Whenever I set a goal, like "I'm going to write 4 articles per week", there's a tiny voice behind my mind that whispers "You don't have the time to do so", "You'll be dead tired to do that", or simply
Each time there is a Google SEO Update, expecially major ones, my emotion will be take on a roller coaster ride.The latest update, which saw Daily Mail UK losing 50% of search traffic, was huge. OK, huge is an understatement. It's like Thanos snapping his finger.Anyway, my traffic took a nose dive of more than 30% overnight. And a series of first page articles are pushed to 2nd or further down.Some are totally de-indexed.But with the previous Google Broadcare Update in March still fresh, and th
For Daily Mail UK, 50% of its organic traffic are gone in an instant.The SEO community is abuzz but nothing yet can be made out of the early chaos of the SERP fluctuation.Some sites witness a noticeable increase in traffic while others suffer loss of precious traffic and thus earning.2nd Major Google SEO Update In 2019At the end of March, Google did a major update, and sites in the Finance and Health niche are greatly affected.I lost 40% of traffic as certain medical keywords become 'unrankable
Hi fellow WA marketers, I'm going to make this short.In March 2019, my site was hit by a major Google SEO update, known as the Google March 19 core update. I lost about 40% of traffic (but I've largely recovered since).I was rather unprepared, as I was enjoying a good run in terms of organic traffic.Lesson learned, and I'm on the toe looking out for the next major Google Update. and like Google, they are never fond of informing the public when it happened. Except that they did, this time, less