90 articles vs. 240 articles website. Guess who won?

Last Update: April 04, 2020

Ok. It's a case of me vs me here.

My first website at WA has grown to 240 articles over the span of 4 years. At it's peak it's got 10K visitors per month.

Yet, it lacks focus, branding and a proper direction.

As a result, ranking drops after the multiple Google SEO updates and it's only 3.3K visitors per week.

Now, I've created a 2nd website, which is more focused, brandable, and in a tight niche.

This website has only 90 articles to date, but traffic has slowly risen amidst all the SEO updates.

The website now has 3.2 K visitors over the past 30 days.

Earnings wise, there's a sign that it's overtaking the 240+ articles site.


It's important to get your niche right and follow it strictly. It'll save you the effort and maximize your earnings.

Think of how much time wasted in creating 240 articles, when I could be more profitable with less articles.

Keep hustling,


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kuructy Premium
Great insight

How old is the second website?
Fiona13 Premium
Maybe you can PM Kenny to get your answer. Thanks
KennyLee Premium
2nd site is about 2yrs
1st site is 4 yrs+
Jenny28 Premium
Great advice Kenny. Thanks for sharing.
Linda103 Premium
Very good advice Kenny. Thank you for sharing.
marcho88 Premium
Great point Kenny. I will start s new website based on your suggestion after publishing my 40th article. I have 39 articles as of now. Marc.
megawinner Premium
Great advice Kenny.