Everything’s going in the right direction, slowly!

Last Update: October 30, 2018

Hi all,

Just an update on the progress of one of my sites.

My impressions, click through and overall rank are getting a little better each day and I can wait to see what happens as google trusts my site a little more each month.

Keep up with training folks, it will come good for you in the end. Thanks, Kenny

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sdawson Premium
Good for you. Keep it up - shirley
Firebrandone Premium
I'm still in learing mode Kenny, can you tell were those seraches done on Jaaxky? thanks in advance
KennyGlossop Premium
I did use Jaaxy for the right keywords, but not all of my sites posts. Some I just wrote completely naturally
3rdbaseman Premium
Congrats Kenny, it's always good to get good news....keep it up.
adrianh25392 Premium
Fantastic news, keep up the effort and the rewards will come.
MontanaTeal Premium
Yay! Wishing you much success! Keep pluggin away at it.
KennyGlossop Premium
Thank you 😉