Anyone wants to promote each other’s sites?

Last Update: January 03, 2019

Hello everyone,

So I had an idea. I was thinking that it could be really useful to help promote each other’s sites, (so long as there not in direct competition with eachother, lol), by either writing a small article about them on our own sites, adding in a link to an already existing post on our sites, or even a side widget link.

How would that work? Well as an example , I have a baby niche site. I have a post about travelling with your baby. Maybe you have a site that is selling travel insurance, or a travel site? Get it?

Anyway it’s just an idea and I’m trying to be in innovative. I have 2 sites at present and you can find the links in my ‘follow me’ section on my bio. So if your interested and want to take a look at my sites, please do and DM me if your interested.

Either way would love to know what you think of the idea.

Many thanks,


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FKelso Premium
Good idea...kinda like having guest blog posts.
KennyGlossop Premium
Yeah something like that.
BobMargroff Premium
Hi Kenny, that sounds like a great idea. If there is a way to pair MMO with baby niche, I’d be more than happy to work with you...

I wish you the best!
NidaV Premium
Love that idea. I actually have read some blogs where they have promoted other websites or bloggers! I’ll keep you in mind when my website is up and running!

Good luck to you!

KennyGlossop Premium
DebbieRose Premium
Many members do guest blogging...Do a WA search and you'll find some blogs. Good idea.
CoraMitchell Premium
Sounds like a plan!

Here's to success!