My Canada Day Inspiration!

Last Update: July 01, 2018

Questions:How do you market online?Do you present the product?
Do you present the company?Do you present the benefits?
Do you present the compensation plan?
Do you present you?Branding and Longevity!

I have found over the yearsthat it is better to present youand build the relationship.
You need the know, like and trustyou get when you know each other. Relationship
marketingat its best. This builds longevity in your business partnershipsand in your friendships and personal lifestyle.

I never try to sell a productor company to anyone; I simply sharewhat I know.
Building a business is all about helping as many peopleas you can. Communication
is key to this marketing style, alwayswelcome your new recruits, communicate with
customers and stayin touch. People like to know they are not alone and they don't
liketo be sold. That being said, they do like to buy when they trust you.

(Side note :)"Yes you need a good product, from a good company withgreat benefits,
an awesome compensation plan"But most importantly, if you want longevity, you need
to build trust.People will buy from you when they trust you and your recommendations.

This concludes my thought, Ihope it makes sense and adds inspiration.

Ken Pringle TRM

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firstlearn Premium
The trust factor should never be overlooked.

Ken-Pringle Premium
That is right Derek, it is very important.
MKearns Premium
A great nation and a great celebration!
Ken-Pringle Premium
Yes, it is Mike, thank you.
DBlanchard Premium Plus
Makes a lot of sense! A relationship built on trust will last!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

All the best to you!

Denis (from Canada). :)
Ken-Pringle Premium
Denis, it is a proven fact relationships build longevity.
A prosperous 2018 to you my Canadian friend.
I too am a Canadian.