Back on track for a little while!

Last Update: September 16, 2014

Sorry but there have been many distractions recently so I haven't been around WA very much. We are getting ready for our trip to attend my Mum's 90th birthday party and we will be away for a week but as always there is so much to do before one leaves!

Back on track.

Started on level 3 training and just published my third post using a low hanging fruit keyword. This post took far too long to write for some reason. No idea why, it just did. It's not like I had writer's block or anything, I just couldn't seem to find the right words and when I did I couldn't get them in the right order! Hands up all of you who can relate to that.

So back on track!

Getting excited now as I am about to get into the affiliate marketing training, finding products and that holiest of Holy Grails, how to make money! And let's be honest, that is why we are all here isn't it? This is where I find out how I am going to meet and hopefully blow away those goals I wrote down oh so long ago (or so it seems).

So back on track, again!

As I said I am going away for a few days (7 to be precise) and I don't really expect to get much done in that week as we will be catching up with friends and lots of family with, so far, one dinner date and a birthday party to attend. I won't even be taking a computer with me, though my wife will have her iPads (yes, you read that right, her iPads; she has a mini and a major, or full size iPad for some reason) so I will be able to check my email at least.

Technology withdrawal symptoms

That is another thing, how many of you are lost if you don't have access to a computer for a day and can't access email and Facebook? Come on admit it, you get all shaky and break out into cold sweats don't you? Especially if you are already making money online and can't check your bank account every morning!

So if you don't hear from me for a few days don't fret, I'll catch up with you all when I get back next week and will be straight back into the training!


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tribe82 Premium
It is not easy being away from the internet in our connected world is it?
CarlaIves Premium
Keith, just go and enjoy your mother's 90th birthday party. I lost my mom in February at 84. That's what's important. Spend time with her. Love her up. We'll be here waiting for you when you get back.
KeithM2576 Premium
Thanks Carla, that is a sentiment that we are beginning to embrace.