How to treat tendonitis

Last Update: October 24, 2016

Many of us, not all have this problem. A close friend of mine just told me she has terrible pains in her hands and arm. She is a work-a-holic like most of us. So, I did research for natural ways to help her. What I uncovered was much more than I thought I was looking for. Just a sample of what I located is out lined as

How to treat tendonitis – more resources


Info & discussion

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This is the end portion. To see the complete training which is titled

How to treat tendonitis and repetitive strain injury ~ A recovery formula.

All lot of work went in to this article. Because of our work it is a good idea to view this and the second link I sent to my friend. Which is below.

6 Natural Treatments for Tendonitis This covers

Different types of tendonitis go by various names depending on how and where it forms, for example:

  • “Tennis elbow”
  • “Golfer’s elbow”
  • “Pitcher’s shoulder”
  • “Swimmer’s shoulder”
  • “Jumper’s knee”

Some common signs indicating that you might have tendonitis include:

  • feeling pains and aches around a specific ligament, joint or muscle
  • swelling and tenderness
  • increased pain when moving or exercising
  • stiffness
  • trouble sleeping due to pain

Either of these websites could be of great use to us or any of our friends, relatives or neighbors.

Don't forget to do your homework. Check with your doctors to make sure you will be doing what is good your health and long life. Let us know your results, please.

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