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Last Update: September 13, 2020

hello there wordsmiths, wordie lovers, word crafters, blog lovers, composers of all kinds....

in a recent blog post of mine here, we discussed the origins of the words: "bunkum and buncombe."

only to discover there's many, many synonyms to describe a similar thought ....

as promised, here is a quick listing of them for your use, and reading delight .... and indeed, this post is simply an addendum ...

remember to use diverse words in your posts to avoid being 'bland' in expressions via the power in the use of synonyms to express your inner most thoughts for your interested, engaged audience who are glued with attentiveness to what you have written for their reading pleasure & delight.

ok, folks, here they are:

Synonyms(~30+ plus synonyms) ...

  1. baloney
  2. (also boloney)
  3. bull
  4. bunk
  5. bunkum
  6. (or buncombe)
  7. claptrap
  8. codswallop
  9. crapola
  10. crock
  11. drivel
  12. flapdoodle
  13. folderol
  14. (also falderal)
  15. foolishness
  16. fudge
  17. garbage
  18. guff
  19. hogwash
  20. hooey
  21. horsefeathers
  22. humbug
  23. malarkey
  24. (also malarky)
  25. nonsense,
  26. nuts
  27. piffle
  28. poppycock
  29. punk
  30. rubbish
  31. senselessness
  32. stupidity
  33. tosh
  34. trash
  35. *tremendous!

*(adapted from Merriam-Webster).

*there are more than what is listed, just edited for literary ease.

*and by the way, #35 was tossed in to see if you're still reading, given this mind-boggling power of synonyms at play. . . lol . . .

Enjoy a 'fantabulous week' ahead .... cheerio ..... :)

(addendum to 11/09/2020 post).

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JohnAitken1 Premium
Yes, words are important
keishalina9 Premium
hi John ....

yes, absolutely!

keep well, stay strong .... :)
BrendaMZ Premium
One of the words that is in there that my paternal Grandma always verbally shouted, “thats a bunch of hogwash” It is great to see that word there on the list. My Grandma used say “horsefeathers” but later changed it to a dirty one, horsesh*t, that wasnt very nice to hear that, that only happened when she was mad about something. In writing, still got to be careful with using some of these words on the list as it can be offensive for someone. Most of those words are expression of speech sayings. In formal writing, we would not be allowed to write that. Thanks for sharing.
keishalina9 Premium
hi Brenda ... good to see you here today! ....

of course, indeed, it depends upon the context of the piece that one is authoring ...

remember one of the suggestions when blogging is to write as if speaking with a good friend over a cuppa coffee .... anyway, that's one context to work with and many have found it helpful as a way to ease into blogging more naturally ...

keep well, stay strong .... Appreciate YOU!

all the best, cheerio ... :)
Joes946 Premium
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Joe --- Awesome!

happy to see you & hope you're enjoying a Super Sunday! ...

enjoy the coming week in joy & productivity, too ...

all the best as usual, cheerio-o ... :)
Joes946 Premium
You too Keisha.
keishalina9 Premium
... 😊 ....
CassiOfTroy Premium
This was fun and educational, Keisha.

Thank you.
keishalina9 Premium
*** Appreciate YOU! ....

yes, enjoy it all --- 'fun and educational!' ....

enjoy a fantabulous week ahead, cheerio ... :) ***
OCH3943 Premium
My most frequently used word is "suggest". Need to find synonyms for this..
keishalina9 Premium
hi Richard .... yes, excellent idea! ....

I love my Thesaurus .....

the use of synonyms and as well as antonyms help to provide a much wider range of expression ....

all the best in 'word creativity!' .... cheerio-o .... :)
RosanaHart Premium
advise, propose, think, recommend...
OCH3943 Premium
Thank you Rosana. :)
keishalina9 Premium
... you've likely already looked up 'suggest' ....

anyway, when using 'suggest' as a verb or an action word, then, it signifies that the author is wanting to 'put forward for consideration' .... do you find that this is what you're doing when you use the word 'suggest?' ...

how about trying these verbs as synonyms:

to submit
to advocate
to propound
to urge
to encourage
to counsel
to move
to table
to indicate

to advise, to recommend are good ones as well, Rosana's already 'suggested' these ones! .... chuckles ....

enjoy it all ... keep well, stay strong ..... :)
OCH3943 Premium
I'm thinking the words, hint and imply, feels closer to how I use the word suggest. :)
keishalina9 Premium
... ah-h .... much more subtle .... yes, there's always varying tints or shades in word usage .... enlarging one's vocabulary is the WAy to Go! ....

... uhm ... to hint, to imply .... let' see here ... how about 'to indicate' or 'to signify' ...

.... it looks like you're well on your WAy .... perhaps try meeting and getting acquainted with a new word a day ? ...
OCH3943 Premium
Indicate and signify sounds great! :)

So many words to play around. :)
keishalina9 Premium
.... for sure ... 'so many words to play around' with .... a good friend of mine, just loves to play 'scrabble' .. give it a go or check out games or crossword puzzles .... just to make it more fun for you to 'meet' a new word(s) every day .... goes a long WAy to broaden out one's vocabulary ...

... enjoy it all ... :)