One Website at a Time - Baby Steps Remember.

Last Update: September 13, 2015

Lets begin!


If you're just beginning with your website development...why rush through everything?! Why take big steps early in the game? Think about it (Rome wasn't built in a day)! Your training videos aren't going anywhere! Your success isn't going anywhere (especially because you decided to go for a 10 min walk with a few friends)! I mean lets be reasonable. Just think about for a minute!

"...If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over...?"

- John Wooden

1 Website...1 Business:

So you're probably thinking that even though you've created (or you're in the processing) an online business that everything would be smooth sailing after that huh? Well...not necessarily! Let's try an exercise for a sec to prove this. What does a brick and mortar business and online business have in common? Did you get it? You did! Great! And you're's the word business, because that is what they both are - businesses.

===> As with everything, even a business too requires time input (proper time management is everything).

5 Websites...5 Businesses:

With a little inspiration here and there, you've almost finished creating one website (business). But, due to your new found condition, "excitement syndrome", you want to move on to creating another website. Right? that effect I say >>> Stop right there! You see, here is where the problem comes in. If you are a newbie, then staying extremely focused on one task at a time is very important, especially when one can be easily distracted by all the bells and whistles around you (success stories of others, achievements etc).

But, if you're a seasoned veteran then you may not experience too many difficulties here, if any at all.

===> One website requires a lot of attention and mentoring. So, don't be in so much of a hurry to create 3, 4, 5 or 6, when you haven't even completed one. More details below in social media...

Marketing Strategies:

(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+...etc.)

Headache, headache, headache and more headache!!! Yep, that's what it would lead to, especially if you didn't have a solid strategy in place from day one.

What do I mean by that? To answer that question. Let's start here - with what we do know! What we do know is this, regardless of the ability to leverage this medium or not, social media offers huge benefits to any one business - whether from customer loyalty to encouraging profitability.

The down side however, is that social media requires A LOT of attention. If you are a loner in your business without any addition parties offering any assistance, then the mentoring aspect of your business where social media is concerned can become a difficult task.

Now, suppose you magnified this by 3 or 4 additional websites that you want to create. Then, this itself would be a headache indeed. Therefore, remember to think carefully about what you're doing before you do it. Train eagerly, but implement what you've learned steadily and properly. Slow and easy does it! So go at your own pace, creating and accomplishing ONE TASK AT A TIME.

Destination Ahead!!!

Sure, you will reach your destination. But, is it not important too how you get there?

Key: "...Everything in life should be made simpler in life, not simple..."

- Albert Einstein

Lesson: Focus on one thing at a time - sticking to your task at hand! Stay organized (don't be in a hurry to rush down the pathway to nowhere, as this too is a destination)! Remember always to go at your own pace, learning the essentials necessary to operate a successful online business. If you can't manage one(1) business plus with the ups and downs that come with it, how will you manage or run ten(10) efficiently? Think about it!

To making friends while building new bridges,

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This article was inspired by a special someone, that I'll refer to as Lady T.

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wfrankl67 Premium
WOW Thanks so much for the blog. I really needed to read that. It is so true. I am a WA newbie and I work a full time highly stressful job and have a daughter with extra activities to do also. so I was trying to cram everything into my brain all at once, but now you have put it in perspective for me so I will take a deep breath and regroup and go forward with a new insight. Thanks again so much Wanda
Keane Premium
You know coming from the guy who wrote "Caution...Writer's Block Ahead" I had a little bit of it today. I was trying to get my thoughts together to finish writing this block.

But, glad that I finished it and I pressed publish:). Even happier that it was able to benefit YOU Wanda...

Wishing you the very best as always,
You'll do great here...just apply yourself!!!
AlexanderV Premium
This is true... I am a newbie and I most definitely suffer from "excitement syndrome". I have at least 3 more website ideas that I cannot wait to get started on, but I am having enough trouble just getting my first one making money. So I think once I start to see a "regular" income, with "regular" posting on my part, good google rankings and steady, regular visitors, then it will be time to make another site... but not now.
Keane Premium
Yep. Well said Alexander! That's exactly the point that I was trying to bring across. You can certainly make $10,000,000 from 10 websites. Because as the saying goes: "...If you do not first believe in self, then you are twice defeated in the race of life..."

Start with baby steps 1st...then, if you want to fly later just go right ahead!

Thanks for taking the time to read,
I really appreciate it,
Hope to see you on your page soon...
steveo5770 Premium
I can't stress enough how helpful it was for me to focus on 1 site for the first year. You're going to do a lot of "bonehead" things in the first year. That's just the way it is.
Get em out of the way on the first site and the second site is done right from the beginning and comes together so much faster.
If I had tried to build 2 sites early on, I would have 2 hot messes on my hands now. Waiting is so worth it. Great post my friend:)
Keane Premium
There's the guy that I look up to. Hey Steve! Thanks for stopping by! And great commenting. True stuff indeed! We'll all make mistakes sure...but staying focused on one task at a time will help to prevent some of them too...

Wishing you great health and success,
Thanks for stopping by as always,
HowardJaros Premium
Good post Robert! Thanks for sharing!
Keane Premium
Hey Howard. Thank you for stopping by! I really appreciate it! Wishing you more success as always and great health...
bdfyi Premium
Great job Keane! I've found myself in this situation the past few months...focus..focus...focus...
Keane Premium
Hey Robert. Thanks for stopping by to read. I really appreciate it! And yes, focusing on ONE TASK at a time is very important. Many a times we get too caught up with everything else around us...

You said it best though. Focus..focus...focus!

Thanks for stopping by to read,