WA Community, You Rock!

Last Update: March 10, 2017

I've said this before, but I believe it is worth repeating. One of the things I love most about WA is the way people help each other. I am constantly blown away each time someone makes the time and effort to help.

As I move deeper into the training, things are becoming more advanced, which means more "technical stuff"-- which is not my forte.

Moving deeper in the training means I am being s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d! I'm not complaining because although it is uncomfortable, I know it is best. I am learning. I am producing. A business is being born. And if you are a woman who has given birth, you know how painful and uncomfortable the stretching is... sorry gentlemen, I just had to go there...

How Was I Stretched?

Last week, I ventured into social automation. I chose an automation tool I felt was easy enough for me to handle; however, after setting it up, I kept getting errors stating my RSS Feed was empty, and then I was given all kinds of technical directions as to how to fix it. I tried to make sense of it all. I looked on help forums. I wrote the tool's tech support. I posted a question here in the WA community. Almost immediately, I received responses to my question. WA community to the rescue!

As it turned out, the solution to this problem came from WA Site Support. They worked on a solution for an entire day; it was late in the evening when I finally received notification that the problem was solved. Let me say, this takes dedication!

This week, I created my very first, EVER, video. The process of creating the video wasn't too difficult once I got the hang of the program. However, embedding the video on my site and getting it to format correctly, was an entirely different matter!

Once again, I tried to figure out a solution. I searched the program's support database, I contacted the program's tech support, who tried to solve the issue,but couldn't. Having exhausted everything else, I posted a question here at WA.

Several people came to my rescue, giving suggestions and trying to help solve the issue. After two days, I am happy to report, thanks to people who were willing to give me a little of their time and expertise, the issue has been resolved!

Finally, through the encouragement of another WA member, I have created my very first YouTube channel, where I published my first video.

Stretching hurts, but it is necessary.



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jtaienao Premium
Glad you got this all sorted out Kathy. I certainly agree with you, WA community ROCKS!
amgolf Premium
go Together go Further
WilliamBH Premium
Fantastic Kathy .. Cheers, William
Massagearroo Premium
Yeah AGOgden were not too posh to push:) great post Kathy as I know I have to do my massage videos soon so nervous even thinking of it but you give me faith to 'press on'!! We shall get there and master the monstrosity. .just like child birth really and we did that ..'so how hard can it be'.:)That's my saying after all the crazy things I've done ..Let's keep going and see??
AGOgden Premium
...that's just because we're ALL rock stars at WA...lol
Massagearroo Premium
Did you have your tipple to celebrate ! I'm having mine now:)