Submitting A Site Map To Google Analytics

Last Update: February 16, 2017

Today I have reached a point in the training where one of my tasks is to take a much needed break from all the knowledge I've been squeezing into this brain of mine.

Can Anyone Say OVERLOAD?

Well...I did take a break--sort of....

I decided to check out my stats on Google Analytics, and as I was walking around in there, I came across a tab called "Sitemap". I clicked on it, and discovered Google didn't find a sitemap for my website. Of course they didn't; I hadn't yet created one.

I could feel the wheels churning in my brain--"must create to create sitemap...need another plug-in...this is gonna be a long drawn out process...overload...."

But then I discovered something wonderful about the All-In-One SEO! I could have my sitemap created in a matter of seconds and all it would take is a few clicks. I'll show you how easy it was.

Go to your Word Press Dashboard and click on All In One SEO.

Open the SEO Feature Manager and activate XML Sitemaps--it free!

Click on XML Sitemap on your side menu to open your sitemap.

Click on View Your Sitemap.

Now it's time to submit your sitemap to Google. Copy your XML Sitemap URL .

Open Your Webmaster Tools.

Click on your website. In your Search Console, under "Crawl", select "Sitemaps."

Click on the red button that says, "Add/Test Sitemap."

Paste your sitemap URL in the box and submit. Google already has your website URL; all you need to do is paste /sitemap.xml.

It's quick. It's easy. It's painless. I even had time to sip a hot cup of tea before beginning research on my next article.

If you want to read more information about setting up your sitemap with your All In One SEO, click on this link.

Just in case you are wondering, the link isn't an affiliate link, and I don't get credit for sharing it. You can find the same link in your own All In One SEO; I wanted to be nice and post it here for you.

I hope you have found this helpful.

Here's to learning together,


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Calmkoala Premium
Oh wow, thank you so much! this is so helpful, Sue :)
amgolf Premium
How site map effect to your website?
Thank you for the information.
kdimeo Premium
A sitemap helps the Google "spiders" navigate through your site. From what I have read, they could miss some of your pages and a site map helps prevent this from happening.
Massagearroo Premium
Jeepers I'll have to check mine now.Thanks for the great lesson.Enjoy your coffee break.
Marketboom Premium
I loved this 'seo' We get so busy as marketers curating our content we forget to check-up on our seo time to time. I know this post will one day be the difference between being on page 10 of Google searches to page One for someone it reminded.

As a matter of fact, it's reminding me to go to Google Webmaster right now and check my new site. Thanks for the post Kathy! :)
jtaienao Premium
Thanks a bunch Kathy.