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How to Verify Your Website With Google, Yahoo & Bing Using FileZilla (FTP)

If you're having any difficulties following the video then please read the written instructions.

There are a number of different ways to verify your website with Google, Yahoo & Bing. If you modify your theme by adding a HTML meta tag you lose the verification every time your theme is updated and you have to go through the same process again and again.

Using Google Webmaster Tools' 'Recommended method' you only have to verify your website once and it's verified forever (unless you remove the HTML verification file).

In this tutorial I'll show you how to submit Your Website to Google, Yahoo & Bing and verify your Website Using FTP.

If the video goes too fast just hit the 'Pause' button.

FTP = File Transfer Protocol

You can transfer files from your computer to your website (Upload) or from your website to your computer (Download) via FTP using FileZilla - a free program.

Use FileZilla to backup your website to your computer Using FileZilla FTP to Backup Your Website
as well as uploading the verification files for Google, Bing & Yahoo.

  • Obtain your FTP login details from SiteRubix Site Manager.
  • Click ‘Details’ to access your FTP Username and Password then copy and paste them into a Notepad.
  • Download FileZilla from a trusted source (Google 'FileZilla') taking extra care that it doesn't have Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) or malware attached.

  • Save the set-up program on your computer then double-click it to install FileZilla.
  • Create a new folder on your computer for your website.
  • Login to Google Webmaster Tools with your free Google account:
  • Click on ‘ADD A SITE’
  • Enter your website’s URL then click Continue.
  • Click the link to download the HTML file and save it in the new folder you created for your website.
  • Open FileZilla, click Edit -> Settings to change to Active Mode then click OK.

Host: your domain name (URL)

Username: the Username you copied from Wealthy Affiliate

Password: the Password you copied from Wealthy Affiliate

  • Click on 'Quickconnect'
  • On the Remote Site double-click ‘httpdocs’ to open the folder. Make sure you're using the right folder on the remote site. Your file goes into the 'httpdocs' folder, not the 'httpSdocs' or any other folder or even the root of the remote site.
  • On the Local site navigate to the new folder on your computer then right-click the Google file you downloaded and select ‘Upload’.

The file uploads to the Remote site.

  • Go back to Google Webmaster Tools in your browser.
  • Click the link to confirm successful upload.

Your unique code appears in a new tab in your browser.

  • Go back to Google Webmaster Tools in your browser and click VERIFY.

DO NOT REMOVE THE FILE even after verification succeeds.

Yahoo and Bing

Yahoo has partnered with Bing so you only need to add your website to Bing Webmaster Tools for both Yahoo and Bing.

  • Sign in or Sign up to Bing with your free Microsoft Account at:
  • Add your Sitemap and click 'ADD'.
  • Click the link to download BingSiteAuth.xml and save it in the new folder you created for your website.
  • Go back to FileZilla.

You may have to reconnect because it times out fairly quickly. If so, click on 'Quickconnect'.

Make sure you're using the right folder on the remote site. Your file goes into the 'httpdocs' folder, not the 'httpSdocs' or any other folder or even the root of the remote site.

  • If BingSiteAuth.xml does not appear on the Local site, right-click in an empty space and ‘Refresh’.
  • Right-click 'BingSiteAuth.xml' and select ‘Upload’.

The file uploads to the Remote site.

  • Click the link in Bing Webmaster Tools to confirm the successful upload in your browser.

The contents of the XML file appears in a new tab in your browser.

  • Return to Bing – Webmaster Tools and click 'VERIFY'.

FINISHED - you have confirmed your website in Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo and Bing Webmaster tools.

Now you've got FileZilla you can use it to back up your website Using FileZilla to Backup Your Website

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As always I'm here to help you,

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RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
I have a problem. I followed the instructions but it didn't work. Could someone help me?

When I try to upload BingSiteAuth.xml to my website it gives an "error" only. How could I do it without an "error"? Do I need some application for the .xml file or something?

Please help me! :)
MarionBlack Premium
You need to open the httpdocs folder in the remote site before you try to upload the xml file. You can't upload it to the root directory.
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
I did it. Probably it works now. How to be sure if it's verified successfully?
MarionBlack Premium
Check with Bing Webmaster Tools. You should be verified now.
philaccardo Premium
MARION, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS "Create a new folder on your computer for your new website"
Why a" new" website? I want to connect to the actual website, not a new one.
And, about this new folder, is it a empty folder? what name should I give her?
MarionBlack Premium
Sorry about the confusion Phil I'll take out the word "new".

Yes, it starts off as an empty folder and its name should be the same as your domain name.
LenaMiglena Premium
I did this yesterday it was successful with Bing ( I did Google already) Thank you for posting this training! I wanted to know how important is FileZilla do be in active mode? I went through the Network Wizard to activate (I didn't have it under EDIT menu) but it was asking me for external IP. Since I didn't know it I choose the option to get the IP from URL provided from FileZila but it still didn't work.
MarionBlack Premium
When you click on Edit you should see 'Settings...' click on Settings and you'll find Active Mode. If Active Mode is not selected then you may not be able to make the connection.
LenaMiglena Premium
Yeah, I saw on the training but I don't have that menu on the side. Under EDIT on the top I have Network Configuration Wizard...
MarionBlack Premium
It should have
Network Configuration Wizard...
Clear Private Data...
I'm using the latest version of FileZilla on a Windows computer. I have Windows 10 now but it was exactly the same on Windows 7.

I even helped a guy use FileZilla on a Mac so I don't know why you can't find Settings...
LenaMiglena Premium
I am using a Mac and I did find the Network configuration settings. I just dont know what to enter for IP. Its ok, I will play with it.
scottymj2011 Premium
YOUR A GENIUS. I tried putting my meta info in the All-In-One SEO, and it didn't work. And then I tried putting it into the header of my front page via theme editor, didn't work.So thank you very much.

Quick question, the BingSiteAuth.xml file is now within our directory or something like that, so can we uninstall the FileZilla program without any issues with the file now being on our website?
MarionBlack Premium
Yeah, if you're not using FileZilla you can uninstall it. Then, if you ever need it again just reinstall. The file is now on your website and it will stay there.
scottymj2011 Premium
Ok. Thank you ma'am.
Zarina Premium Plus
Hello Marion,
Wondergul training!
One thing I still can't figure out is how to add a folder after downloading the FileZilla. And when I try to find it inside the program I don't see it. So I am really confused about this part, and I can't avoid this part as I need that folder in order to do the rest for verification.
MarionBlack Premium
I'm not absolutely sure what you need to know. If it's this: "Create a new folder on your computer for your new website." you just create a new folder on your computer in the usual way (depending on your operating system). It's not part of FileZilla - just however you create new folders on your computer.
Zarina Premium Plus
I see! Let me see again if it works. thank you!