And then there was the Mistakes in Grammar

Last Update: April 01, 2017

Sitting at the computer for the last week or so, I have tried to write well only to find that all the hours spent trying to get out what is in my head, is not coming out the way I want it to on paper. To add to this dilemma, I find tons of simple grammar issues, which I am sure you will find in this simple blog. I am getting frustrated, and need to find a solution to fix my anxiety with writing.
I have been to the gym several times trying to get these writer's blocks out of my head and eating right, but it is not working; now I am thinking glasses.
I would like to believe that I am going to make this an 8 and done. No more late hours and lack of sleep from trying to get the information out of the head, but in reality, this will not happen. My brain will not shut down, but I am tired of missing the simple mistakes.

But, with all that stated, tomorrow is a new day, and I will conquer and will succeed.

Watch out world Kelly's getting her groove back, TOMORROW!

Good night all.


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CraigW315 Premium
Honestly, the best thing you can do when you are having any sort of difficulty writing is... write. Do something unrelated to your site. Write a short story, or a poem, or a letter to an imaginary friend about all that you will do once you meet your goals here.

Writing skill is like a muscle; you just need to keep developing it.
KDeJesus Premium
Hello Craig,
Thank you for your great feedback of continue writing. This is exactly what I have to due for school, I had a 5 pager due today, so this did help me take the focus away from blogging for awhile. I will be using this technique again.

Thank you
xanfo Premium
Do not allow your grammartical error be a barrier. Do not let ot frustrate you. Seek help from books etc.
All the best.
KDeJesus Premium
No I just get a little frustrated when rereading information that I write to find the simple grammar errors. I forgot that I had as I have not used it in so long.
I appreciate that you showed me such a positive view. Thank you

FTurner8032 Premium
It is admirable that you want your writing to be perfect but none of us are that. All any of us can do is try our best. I find errors in my writing, we all do. Some advice I received early on is that a simple mistake now and then only shows our readers that we are in fact human just like them.

Do your best, but don't agonize over it.

Send me your site in a PM. I would live to have a look. See - I just made one of those little mistakes myself.