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As I have progressed through training, and setting up my websites, I have come across a few interesting and profitable affiliate sites that when approved, I can offer on my sites. I love this idea and concept as you can have the choice to pick and choose which banners and links, that are provided by the company. either through the websites or through the emails the companies send. The process has been easy, just time consuming if wanting to display a certain product or brand.I want to share som
Hello everyone,Please share your social media below, which helps us to improve our sites. Also just an FYI you can post your sites and social media on your profile page.
May 01, 2017
Hello to all, I just found this awesome icon site that is free and easy to use. Check it out at
April 19, 2017
In my adventures here at WA within the last month, I have learned tons of information, have met a wonderful group of people, who would bend over backwards to help you find a solution or answer to your issues. WA is a great environment to follow your dreams.In this last month I have started two websites, one being a hobby and the other is my message to help people. Even though they are both new and of course not trusted sites yet, according to siterubix, I have found that one of my sites has fla
Suicide An International Crisis Around the world, people of all ages experience extreme traumatic events, or lifestyle events that can be hard to deal with, thus leading many to thoughts of attempted suicide or death.We need to reach out to people across the world to help aid in stopping suicide and finding ways for people to get the help they need to deal with the emotions, feelings and possible PTSD issues that will encourage people to live.Suicide is a severe subject that many do not want to
Sitting at the computer for the last week or so, I have tried to write well only to find that all the hours spent trying to get out what is in my head, is not coming out the way I want it to on paper. To add to this dilemma, I find tons of simple grammar issues, which I am sure you will find in this simple blog. I am getting frustrated, and need to find a solution to fix my anxiety with writing.I have been to the gym several times trying to get these writer's blocks out of my head and eating ri
There is no true measure of success, until you have accomplished something you never thought possible. I have found in this last week of being here at WA , just how much success can be measured by achieving small tasks. I cannot tell you how many AH HA moments I had this last week. I tend put more thought into learning the ins and out of a website, then I watch a video, read some information, or best of all, ask the community, and AH Ha that was to easy! I get up from the computer, get a drink
I am extremely excited to announce the spot of number 2 on my cork blog in google search. It does work with a little time and patients. Great advice from training on searching keywords and how to incorporate them into my blogs.I know for many, this has been accomplished, do you remember how exciting it is to have that happen? I bet you do with every other time it has happen. Well congrats to everyone who accomplishes this.One proud girl!Kelly
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Hello to all at WA,I have just finished Course two and it has left me so excited about moving on with the training. WA has made available to us tons of great information in the training modules. All leading to success in becoming a webmaster, along with basic skills in marketing, and writing blogs.My website is focused on building a community site for wine enthusiast from beginners to pros, while adding blogs and comments, I also will make available products, ideas, informa