Overcoming the Obstacles Here at the Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: June 09, 2014

I felt compelled to write this blog due to seeing just how many of us have been having some really challenging situations. We have seen an assortment of challenges.

  • Technical Issues
  • Financial
  • No time for the WA (work)
  • Family matters
  • Health

It just goes to show us that "Life Does come at you Fast"

But the unique thing I noticed is the strong desire of those with these obstacles to overcome them and not be HELD BACK!! No for the true WA member, they have a desire, passion to continue on in any way possible. And to top it off, THE COMMUNITY has risen to the cause, supporting those with these challenges through encouragement, humor, and even financial support when health and life challenges come along, Many words of encouragement and prayers are offered.

All of this life story just keeps me energized to keep going and not let the little challenges get in the way. I have to say thank you to our community of WA that we are so blessed to have so many here ready and willing to pass along the knowledge, desires, encouragement to continue on in this business.

Thank you for the Story.


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KatieMac Premium
enjoyed your post and I would agree with your summing up of the community,
Christabelle Premium
Great post, and a great tribute to a great community! :)
kbyer Premium
Great community to be a part of. Thanks.
Jen090 Premium
Thanks Ken, for your thought. There's something about WA that makes you do good, if not better. Whether it's about becoming a better person or a better business owner, the community's response and stories keep you holding that faith inside of you. (Hmm, I'm thinking of including this in my next blog)'
…………………Jen M.
kbyer Premium
I believe that everyone here at the WA are real people. Real in the sense that they are people first, profit second. Use this article if it will help you. Thanks.
Trialynn Premium
Glad they keep you energized, instead of draining you! Keep up the great attitude!
kbyer Premium
I like seeing the push and drive that everyone has. It keeps me focused as well. Take Care.
MisterWailor Premium
good story.