Just Got $75 From Google AdWords!

Last Update: September 09, 2017

It has been a long time since I blogged because really busy with school and my little niche website on action cameras and finally I have a little bit of time to spare to blog this!

I just got an email today from google adsense giving me a $75 credit to be used for adwords. I have no clue as to how I got it but I'm really excited and grateful for this! Does anyone know why? I think it's probably because I got enrolled in adsense but not adwords and that's why they are encouraging me to sign up for adwords. Dk.

Regardless, my philosophy was since I started about half a year ago, I was thinking that once my website becomes more 'established', then will I start advertising and boosting them.

But now that I have these credits and money in google adwords, does anyone have or know any tips for successful advertising or does it come from trial and error and seeing what works and doesn't?

Looking forward to all of y'all comments!

Lastly, thanks for reading & have a great day! :)

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LouisaB Premium
bigrog44 Premium
That's great!!!
MKearns Premium
From what Loes says possibly just a lure instead of a payout!
Loes Premium
Adwords, Bing, FB, they all give these credits for advertising, read carefully the rules! You often have to stop your campaign manually in time. Otherwise, they will charge your credit card. As they just continue advertising after the credits are gone.
Be sure you know where you are getting yourself into.
kayfernglow Premium
alright thanks for the heads up!