7 Secret Elements on How to Write a Quality Content

Last Update: Nov 28, 2018

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Every blogger wish to create high-quality content for their audience.

Sometimes you feel you’re banging your head against a wall to build that valuable piece.

There are 7 secret elements which help you to create awe-inspiring content.

Seven secret elements on how to write a quality content

A high-quality content means to provide valuable and useful information for your audience. This will make your blog trustworthy.

So, what makes your writing piece as a high-quality content?

Quite simple! With these seven elements, you can create great content.

  1. Select query-intent keyword
  2. Understand the intent of a user
  3. Write well-researched content
  4. Writing an in-depth article
  5. Give accurate statistics and data
  6. Provide practical and actionable solutions
  7. Build engaging content

Let's dig deeper into each element

Select query-intent keyword

The first step in writing an article is to find the right keyword. Though it is good to select SEO and long-tail keyword, it is more important to choose the query-intent keyword.

The user searches in the search engine by typing the exact information he wants. Therefore your keyword must be the user's query.

Let's say, you want to write about piano apps for beginners. Choose your keyword as ' best piano apps for beginners'. The user is going to search this exact keyword and search.

Query-intent keywords are the long-tail and SEO-friendly keywords.

The keyword for this post is 'how to write a quality content'. When someone searches how to write a quality content, they will land up on my page.

Understand the intent of a user

User intent is the backbone of every content.

Users seek search engines and social networks for information or a solution to their problems.

The user searches the problem he struggles with. If you are able to provide the expected solution to the problem he is happy and satisfied with your content.

When you understand the user needs and create content, it will automatically build a trust on you and your website.

For example, when a person is looking for the best and cheap keyboard player, the content must provide details on both best and cheap keyboards.

If your content doesn't provide exactly what the user is looking for definitely he will be leaving your website.

It is also important that your content must match with your title tag. In other words, write the title relevant to the content you are going to create.

For example, you have the title as ' 10 Best Android apps for learning piano' and you must write about android apps. It is not correct to write about android and ios apps.

Write well-researched content

Once you decide on what to write, you should do a thorough research on that topic. The details you provide on your content must be well researched.

You can refer many articles and white papers based on your topic. But do not copy or write the content from other articles.

Get knowledge and information from various resources and write content on your own style. Include your experience, thoughts and opinion on the topic.

When you do research, cover all the subtopics related to your main topic. Delight your audience with well researched and detail content. Once you finish writing the article do plagiarism check using Grammarly.

Writing an in-depth article

It is important to write a detailed and in-depth article. This is good for SEO and also for your audience.

Search engines look for long and in-depth content for ranking. Long content means providing thorough information on the topic. You must provide valuable information for your visitors.

There are audiences seeking different pieces of information. When you cover every detail on the topic you will cover more audience.

How to find out what information your audience look for?

When you search your keyword or topic on google, you will get related search results and people also ask. Get idea and topics from that.

When you search the topic in quora or other forums related to your niche you will find what user exactly ask for. Forums are the great source to get topic ideas, user-intent keywords and subtopics to write about.

Pro tip: It is good to write 3 to 4 epic posts for a month. Get keywords and topic ideas from these epic posts and create more articles.

Give accurate statistics and data

The statistical data provided in your content must be accurate. You should provide the data information from the correct sources.

It is good to mention the sources and references in your content which gives trust for your audience. When you mention the original source, citations and reviews it gives credibility to your website.

Provide practical and actionable solutions

The user looks for information, solution or tips from a website. They search for the solution which they can implement it right away.

You should give practical solutions to the users struggle for. It is good to provide step by step solutions like how to solve the problem rather than writing vague paragraphs.

When you provide actionable tips in your content, it makes easier to understand and implement them.

For example, when the user is looking for how to write a resume, you can give actionable points like

  1. Choose appropriate fonts to write
  2. Provide personal details and contact information and so on...

Pro tip: Write many List type posts like 'Top 25', '27 Best'. These type of posts will get more shares in social networks

Build engaging content

With the right keyword and attractive title, you can make people click your post. But if your content is not interesting, your visitors will leave the page soon.

Though you have a great information, useful and actionable tips in your article, the user must like to read your article fully. When the reader gets bored in the introduction part, he will never move down to the page.

Make your readers glue-stick to your content. When your audience spends more time in a post, bounce rate of that page will get decreased. This helps in getting ranked high in the search engine to get more organic traffic.

When people find your post interesting and they have a good reading experience they will automatically share the post in social networks and it will go viral.

Believe it or not! When you write an article using these 7 elements definitely you will end up creating high-quality content.

But here's the problem!

How well you write an article, when you do these mistakes it will destroy your content.

Mistakes to avoid when you write a blog post

  1. First and foremost is to take care of spelling and grammar mistakes. Install Grammarly and correct all the grammar and spelling mistakes.
  2. Do not use colourful background. Write with black colour ink in white background.
  3. NO excessive affiliate links in your content.
  4. Do not write content irrelevant to the title.
  5. Avoid complicated and jargon words.
  6. Do not write duplicate content or copy from other articles.
  7. Avoid using more passive voice in your content. If you install the Yoast SEO plugin, it will help to check whether the content is SEO compatible.
  8. Avoid repetition of text or phrases.
  9. Try to skip unnecessary words.
  10. Do not provide wrong information.
  11. Remove excessive and annoying ads from your website.
  12. Avoid more popup windows like share or subscribe buttons.


A high-quality blog post is the ingredient of user-intent, valuable, useful, engaging, original, informative, unique, well-researched and in-depth content.

Create more quality content using these seven elements to drive traffic and get more sales!

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