Twitter Security Breach

Last Update: Feb 2, 2013


Apparently there was a security breach at Twitter last week. You may have noticed that Twitter was down for a short while on Friday. Here is a link to a blog post by Twitter about the attack -

As a precaution, you should change your Twitter password and here are some guidelines for creating a strong password.

  1. Make it at least eight characters long
  2. Randomly combine both alpha and numeric characters
  3. Use at least one upper-case letter
  4. Use at least one special character such as @, %, ~
  5. Do not use any names associated with you such as first or last name, pets name, nickname, user name.

Thanks Jay, here at WA, for bringing this to my attention in last night’s live webinar.

Recent Comments



No Problem. I would hate to see anyone get hacked.

Thanks for the info!


Thanks for the write. Good luck to you.

Best of luck to you too.

Thanks for the heads up appreciate it.

Your welcome.

Kathy, thank you for the warning, actually 2 of them. going to change my password when done here.


Thanks for the warning Twitter vunerable as is everything these days


Thanks for the heads up Kathy!

No prob Shawn.

Thank you for sharing this. I am going to change my password right now.

Yep, I changed mine last night.

Thanks for sharing this article. the news article also mentions that Twitter may be sending emails to those users that were compromised so here is another word of caution -

If you receive an email that looks to be from Twitter it is best to NOT click through to your Twitter account within that email. The best thing to do is just delete it and log directly into your Twitter account. There could be hackers that will try to leverage people's fears and send phoney Twitter-looking emails.

Hey, stay safe out there:-)

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