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March 18, 2013
I put up a Youtube Video almost two years ago and still cannot find it using some of the single keywords that are assigned to it. I am not sure what I am missing so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Here are some details on the video – Location - First put up: 2 years ago Video Title: Sand Storm Number of Views: 298 The video is a song about a soldier’s experience when returning from the Iraq war. Some of the keywords I used a
February 02, 2013
Apparently there was a security breach at Twitter last week. You may have noticed that Twitter was down for a short while on Friday. Here is a link to a blog post by Twitter about the attack - a precaution, you should change your Twitter password and here are some guidelines for creating a strong password. Make it at least eight characters long Randomly combine both alpha and numeric characters Use at least one upper-case lette
I have decided to actively pursue affiliate income by promoting Wealthy Affiliates. I will be inviting friends via email, posting on Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, and Google+. Why not share such a good thing, right? I may also put up a webpage too. I am a bit of a skeptic so when I first joined WA as a “free” member and read the training “A Blueprint to Your First $50“– I wa
I am working on an idea to put a new spin on an existing brick-and-mortar business that involves putting up an authority blog/site. I began some research and found no one out there offering quite what I have in mind. I began organizing my thoughts, writing website copy and collecting ideas for blog posts. I really thought I was coming up with some great, original, copy and ideas and have not yet put anything online. I guess my thinking was that I need things more developed and ready to go b
January 15, 2013
I am a bit confused about the concept of duplicate content. I know Google does not like it but say you posted something in a blog where there is limited access and you later find that you would like to share that info to a wider audience, say on a webpage? How can you do this without it being seen as duplicate content. I can’t just cite and link to the original post because access is restricted there. This concept has me stuck because I am not sure where to put content first. Any he
January 15, 2013
Find a Buddy I want to share a strategy that I find to be of great help with my growth in Internet Marketing. A few weeks ago Bernie Sawford, a fellow WA member, published a blog titled “I Need a Buddy”. In his post he stated that he was looking for an accountability buddy willing to share ideas, goals, and targets. Well, he and I connected and I am happy that we did. I have found this to be a great motivator in keeping me focused on daily goal setting. Just sharing a plan wit
January 05, 2013
As I was responding to a few post comments from one of my earlier blogs it dawned on me just how much our vocabulary has changed. Just imagine what the reaction would be if you made any of the following statements 30 years age. · Just send it via snail-mail. · Google it. · Upload the jpegs from your local drive to the server using ftp. · Thanks for the follow. · I pinned your Squidoo lens. · O
I am working my way through the PotPieGirl training and wondering if any of you here on WA are doing the same. Actually, PotPieGirl is where I was first introduced to Wealthy Affiliates.I am still pretty much at the start of the training and have put up 6 Squidoo lenses so far. Here are my links if you would like to check them out -
If you are new to Internet marketing as I am, you have probably read a million articles with the same or similar title to this one. I know I have!This short article, I promise you, is truly the “real deal”. Not a single affiliate link or specific product offered here. I simply want to share my observations. For the past few months I have been looking into various ways to capitalize on the Internet. I truly believe there are opportunities to provide good, solid products or services on