Taking Names!

Last Update: Apr 24, 2013


Kicking A.. and Taking Names!

No. Not that. Just Taking Names!

I want to know you!

Many of the profiles that I comment on here at WA have left out their name on their profile. I don't want to call you by your funky user name. I want to know your real name.

The Power of Hearing Your Name

You are empowered by hearing your name. It's true! You feel important and you feel that what you have to say matters to that person who calls you by name.

It's all about encouragement.

I want to help empower you to succeed through encouragement. So when I want to say "Atta boy or girl!" or "Great Job!" or "Keep Up The Good Work!" I want to attach your name to it.

Go To Your Profile Page Now

So, please, if you haven't already, go to your profile and add you awesome empowering name.

Signed by: Kathy

Recent Comments


Me thinks one could use a gender-neutral name, like Pat, Kelly, Sidney, Dakota or Jessie, when writing for the internet.

That is a good idea! :)

Hey Kathy. I understand where you are coming from and I also understand in rare cases there are legitimate reasons to withhold real names. I have often thought of using my middle name "Mark" for marketing purposes. You know something I noticed and have often wondered about - Kyle & Carson do not advertised their last names. There must be a very good reason for this. What do you think?

Hi Devan! Thanks for the comment. I think a certain amount of anonymity is good, especially when we are online. And I think that's why Kyle & Carson probably don't share their last names. I don't need to know last names. I just love calling people by their first names. Not like the car salesman who uses your name so many times out of context that you want to strangle him. :) But, using someone's name when you are talking to them makes them feel valued (just my opinion). I believe it makes a connection with that person. I don't want to be that car salesman who reeks of superficial platitudes. I truly want to make a connection with people so I can help them in some way. Even as a newbie, I feel that I can at least do that. Appreciate your comment and hope you are doing well today! :) Kathy

I agree Kathy :) I'm doing well thanks ... working away on content! Hope things are going well for you too!

Hi Kathy,
I agree with some of the comments others have left, as far as anonymity goes. I wish we lived in a world where we could all be completely transparent with each other. Alas, we don't. I don't share my real identity as I am currently in a job in which that would be unwise. I appreciate your desire to connect.
Blessings, Kellie

Hi Kellie! Thanks so much for your comment. I also agree and see where anonymity is important. It is sad that we live in this kind of a world. Even as old as I am, I can be naive about things like this because I'm just a friendly kind of person. But I also do have the wisdom in knowing the world has changed. :( Thank you for reading and commenting. I do appreciate it. Blessings to you too! :)

Not everybody wants you to know their real name. That is why there is a funky user name. I have some different author names that I go by and I like it that way.

Do you know I get better response on some of my articles under a mans name? I am more empowered by using a mans name and not my real name! I like some things that are incognito.

There are some people here that also need it to go by a funky user name as you call it. I know of one who doesn't use her real name because she doesn't want her ex to be able to locate her because of being abused. She is very incognito.

I use Sherion as my user name because that does empower me.
Mary is my birth name but that is not what I was called all of my life. It is not so empowering to me.

You can use either one you want. :)

Hi Sherion! I like that name and if it empowers you, that's really all that matters. :) This is an interesting and valuable argument to my post. To tell you the truth, before I wrote it, I thought about what you said regarding people who wish to be "incognito" or "anonymous" is the word that popped in my mind. I fully understand their desire to do so and I respect their own personal need for privacy. Especially the abuse issue as you mentioned above. This issue is painfully near to my heart. I also thought about the word "funky." That really wasn't very nice, was it? I should have used a better word. :( Initially, I didn't put my name in my profile because I didn't really think about it. However, my name was in my user name, so it didn't really matter. I have edited my profile to include my name now. I was really addressing those, who like me, didn't think about including their name in their profile. But, of course, in the end, it is their decision if they want to tell me or not. I'm leaving that up to them. Thank you for your insight on my post and for reading and for commenting. I DO appreciate it!

Hi Kathy. Thanks for asking. All you say is very true. I am Stephanie, (Steph). My father's side was Polish, so his nickname for me was Stephanek. I like using it since he passed away. No, not recently, but I'm still fond of it. You may actually call me either.

I really like Stephanek, especially because it is an endearing name from you father and even more special now since he has passed away. I do have a habit of shortening names, so I'll probably call you Steph. :) So, Steph, thanks for reading and commenting. I am following you now. :)

So I guess I wont have to introduce myself then, I like that, Kathy!

No, Farrid! I know who you are. :)

No, you were a good girl and put your name in your profile. :) Thus, I was able to go over there and grab your name so I could use it when I talked with you. Thanks!

I posted mine already:)

Did not think I needed to post mine... :)

True! You are one of the exceptions! :)

Also meant to say "LOL!" :)))

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