Last Update: Nov 26, 2012


Well, Folks, I did it. I signed up for Premium with the Black Friday Special. I'm so excited, I just had to share it with everyone here!

I had to borrow the money from my Mommie! Aren't Moms great? I did inspire her a little when she found out I was writing again (actually blogging, but she wouldn't know what that was ;)). She has always said I'm a great writer and should be doing it for a living. Well, I don't know about that, but I have felt more alive than ever since I found WA!

As I have said before, though, I am overwhelmed by everything WA has to offer. I think my breathing is rather shallow, right now. ;) But, even since I joined as a Starter Member, you have all been so helpful and encouraging. I wouldn't have done this without YOU and Kyle and Carson! I know that I am going to need your help and I know, by now, that you will be there for me. For that I am grateful. Most of all, I think I will need your to help me stay on track. With so much to learn, I will probably be all over the place. Taking deep breaths now.

Anyway, you all are amazing and so is WA! Thanks!

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YAY, Kathy! It's good company and fun company too!

Absolutely! Glad to be with you!

Rock on!

Such a good decision Kathy. I went premium about a week ago and it has been so helpful. So much more information. It's great you have such good family support.

Thanks, pokokitty! So glad to hear you went premium too. I guess we know what's good for us, right? :) Can't wait to dig in!

Just having people that you can count on to give you a helping hand when life is a little tougher sometimes than others. It's nice to see that people still have great family ties. Family and people who are like family are most important. Congrats on the move.

Thanks Daneille! I completely agree!

Hi Kathy. Really pleased for you. The very best of luck over the next few months.

Thanks so much for the encouragement!

You will find the certificate 2 course really useful. Congrats.

Thanks, Debbie! Can't wait to dig into certificate 2 course!

Congratulations Kathy
Stay focused and take action everyday. It's just a matter of time before your investment starts to pay off for you.

Thanks for the encouragement, skiergal. Staying focused and taking action every day is great advice. I will try to do that. I believe my investment will pay off and I'm excited to get started!

You have such a great attitude. Let me know if I can help with anything.

Aw, thanks Labman! And thanks for the offer of help. I will probably be calling on you! :)

Hi, Kathy. You're way ahead of me. I've been a "free" member for about a week, maybe a week and a half, but have not up-graded yet. My plan was to get things with WA to the point where I was earning enough to meet the new fee, but that hasn't happened yet.
However, it will! Congratulations to you on upgrading. You will do very well.

I was going to do that too, but this was just too good a deal, especially with the extra training. You may want to think about it. You still have a few hours left before the offer ends. Thank you for the encouragement!

ATTA GIRL!!! Go getum!!

Thanks Jerry! You're always so encouraging!

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