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Last Update: July 02, 2017

I tried to log into my website to add a new article, and I get this error message.

Did anybody else get this?

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Naomi217 Premium
I'm having this problem too.

Izpowashere, will you share how it's easily fixed?

According to the info showing up in SiteRubix, there's nothing wrong with my SSL certificate, and there shouldn't be, it's only recently been set up.
Anyone successfully fixed this, willing to share?
drlumsden Premium
Dear Charlie217,

Good Morning!
I have experienced this too,
and like dgurtner, I used "advanced" or "continue anyway."
When one reads other articles, one finds that if the government wants to really find out, the is not much privacy on the Internet. What can be said if they find out that you really are helping others, and in doing good. There are some absolutes.

Premium member
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OldMCSEGuy Premium
It looks like your security certificate SSL has expired. It's a simple fix. It happens to my clients from time to time when we miss one.
DCurtis76 Premium
I've seen this on a couple of sites hosted by SiteRubix today. It seems the security certificate might be having some issues. Are you using SSL?
kasage00 Premium
Yes I use SSL
DCurtis76 Premium
Try to turn it off, then check your site. If the error goes away, turn it back on and see if that fixed it.
MKearns Premium
Most likely a spam code pickup Karin!
VeronicasLuv Premium
Whoa!!! I just logged in without any issue. Make sure all other windows are closed and try again. If you get the same message, I would contact Site Support.