Back in the Saddle Again - Literally

Last Update: March 25, 2017

The weather has finally shaped up so I was able to go to the farm and go horseback riding. It was cloudy, but at least no rain. I had to use the indoor arena because the ground was too muddy because of the snow melting.

I still had to use the indoor area because the ground was wet from the snow melting. But hey, the weather was warm!

The farm is currently up for sale, but it has not been sold yet. There was no indication of any interested buyers. Some other equestrian facilities are renting out some of the aisles and boarding their horses there. As of now, the farm is still operating as normal.

Here is Luke, the horse I rode today. This is our first meeting. He got a handful of treats, so we are off to a good start :)

I rode Luke for about an hour in the indoor arena. I had a slow and easy ride to get used to him. So far so good! I will be glad to ride him next week to get to know him better.

After I finished riding, I put Luke (blue blanket) back out in the field so he can be back with his best friend, Cosmo (brown blanket, facing the camera)

I will return next week!

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SondraM Premium
Sounds like it was.a delightful day. Luke looks like a sweet heart. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

P.s. I haven't had time to ride myself. I spend all my time feeding and cleaning stalls. Granted, there is something relaxing about cleaning stalls.
RHBarlow Premium
Nice and peaceful day.
FTurner8032 Premium
Thank you for posting Karin. I like that many of us sometimes post things about our personal lives, likes and passions. It just makes this community an even better place because we get to know a little about each other from time to time.
kasage00 Premium
Yes, I agree. I enjoy reading about other people's likes and passions as well.
Dshart55 Premium
How awesome! Horse back riding is so stress relieving. I sure miss it. Glad that you have the opportunity of having his enjoyment. Wishing you many more.

AGOgden Premium
Alright, then...Press On!
kasage00 Premium
Thanks :)