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Last Update: June 17, 2017

So far I have learned the basics of building a website and learned that deleting header.php file content on accident is not so good. I learned how to fix the problem which was awesome. I am lacking the vision and skills I need to build my perfect website, but every day I take a step towards that goal. It seems there is always something to learn which is great because I learn quickly. Overall it has been a great experience and I am thankful I am here.

The niche I am working within has roots in the California 'Green Rush' where there are a lot of opportunities. All the more reason to create the best possible websites.

I have yet to see financial success which is to be expected given the amount I have to learn. I was successful in creating my own website which is a worthy accomplishment in my eyes.

My goals for the for the next few months is to learn as much as I can so I can earn a living while working from home. So far I like being my own boss, hopefully, I can make it a full-time job.

My goals beyond that are somewhat unclear. I will put in the hard work and let God handle the results, it's best that way because everything happens for a reason. God brought me here, and every day I'm learning why.

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raybrannum Premium
I live in Alabama and there is no green rush, but I am hoping the world wakes up at some point in time. Visit my personal site and explore my links.. www.raybrannum.com

Do you do Facebook. Ray Brannum Guntersville, AL Love to be a friend!!!

PM me you web site.
VSinatra Premium
You're doing awesome. I realize my reply is on your first post. Took me awhile to find your site. Google didnt like me searching LOL...figured it out. Nice. Im hoping youre benefiting, and sounds as though youve made a mistake that you wont forget the answer to fix it or avoiding it altogether. Ive made many and training continues and with it many more. Like today, how to centralize your affiliate links. I can attest my first post has at least 12. I was just sure that was ok....many lessons later it gets clarified. Almost makes me want to view all lessons and courses before I take action. Yet thats not the way nor would I want to miss the learning experiences . My laughter rings out and thats so much better than crying over simple errors or just being so new I didnt know ... best of everything to you as you grow your wealth!
Karlito76 Premium
I've made a few more mistakes after I posted that and luckily I was able to fix them without too much damage but its all a learning experience. I am still looking for my first sale and I'm trying to figure out where the problem is. One thing I noticed is my bounce rate is really high from my homepage so I need to fix it. Unfortunately, I lack the vision most people have. I have read a lot of information on how to build a good homepage but when it comes to applying it to my site, I'm at a loss. I think if I fix my homepage it will turn things around. I'll figure it out one way or another, that's for sure. Anyways, thank you for your response to my post and thank you for allowing me to vent. LOL. I'm going to work on my homepage now, take care and thanks again!
VSinatra Premium
Have you read thru this training? Author WA Member "I've tried that".
His trainings are great. This one (link) is my favorite of two I've just recently seen....
Have you thought yet what your second site will be?
Like taking a walk to clear our head. It might be good to relax by building another site so you can lessen the doubts that are trying to come in...besides you've learned a lot. Spread the knowledge. :))). We believe in you.!
Karlito76 Premium
I am too committed to my website to start another. I feel like if I let up now I will lose my way. I haven't really thought of what my next website will be though. Maybe a WA affiliate. I think that once I get something going that is successful I will be able to branch out with another site and take what I learned into it. Taking a break would be like admitting defeat and I am not a quitter. I just need to figure out what I am missing. Anyways, I'm going to go through that training you sent me the link to then get some sleep. Thank you for your help. Talk to you later!
VSinatra Premium
I do understand your plan and how you decided it was the right thing for you.

I am actually working on one site of two. The first one just had a few problems that couldn't be fixed like the videos in the early stages of starting out so I purchased a .com site and went after it..or I would have become frustrated and I knew I needed small successes to continue past the ultimate road bumps that always appear when we forge into new territory. Especially territory that leads us to making more money than normal. Also territory that will educate us to make that "more money".

So you're way of thinking is correct. I stated somewhere I wanted to make all my mistakes on my first site so as not to be fixing mistakes on two at once. :))

So instead of working on two sites, I find other ways to keep myself engaged. For me it has to be variety of this community, courses and my website. They say and it is true it is darkest before dawn. It is also the quietest time of the 24 hour period in a day. :)))) I dont expect anyone to do anything like me, I must have ADD because its just evident in how I get sidetracked. :)))
So it is amazing I have come this far. :))))

Your site is coming along nicely. It will make it, because you have determination and you are working at making it happen!
Karlito76 Premium
I will start another website because I have some ideas I may need to act on but I will be too distracted if I leave my site to do another. Although websites can never be complete because we are always adding content I feel like something on my site is incomplete (other than my homepage). This will most likely change once I make money on my site so until that time, it's gonna be my only site.

I went through the training you gave me the link to. Thank you for that because there were a few things I needed to do which were pointed out. The one thing that I struggle with is the goal setting because ideas for new articles are few and far between so it's hard to set up goals if I don't have ideas.

Unfortunately I was born without a great imagination or creative side. Lol. I am a workhorse with anything and everything but I need direction sometimes. I think I have ADD as well because I am in between supporting WA, my personal life, my website and training.

I'm currently trying to break the 200 mark here at WA, I'm now at 209.so I'm close. I don't know why it's important but it is lol. I have helped a lot of people along the way so some recognition would be nice to see. Plus I like helping people, not just commenting on random posts. Hopefully I'll make it.

Anyways, I'm going to do some research on how to build a good homepage and maybe make some logos or something for my homepage. Until next time, take care!
Twillmon34 Premium
The right attitude to have and with faith everything things is going to be ok.
AnthonyMLM Premium
Absolutely, Put you faith in Him and He will make things clear and guild you