Happy Mothers' Day

Last Update: May 06, 2016

Mothers' Day is just two days away and I'm hoping it brings love and happiness to every mother, grandmother and great- grandmother. If you have a single pet or a barn full of chickens, you nourish and provide...you're a mother, too.

Memories...I lost my own mom in 2003, however, not a day passes by without her flitting through my thoughts. I miss our talks, her hugs, her "lipstick kisses" and even her lectures. For years we celebrated Mothers' Day with a family golf tournament my husband and I had fun organizing and yes...with trophies. All 6 kids (and spouses & children) would make the trek to Upstate NY. The weekend would be full of laughter, a mildly competitive 18 holes of golf followed by cocktails and trophy presentations. We had trophies for longest drive, closest to the pin, lowest score and my favorite...worst shot or most embarrassing moment on the course...like the year one of my brothers shanked a drive. His ball immediately hit a tree with such force that it shot right back at him. Poor Brian walked around for the next two weeks with a huge welt on the middle of his forehead.

My mom passed before she got to witness her grand daughter, my daughter, win the State Amateur golf tournament and be the #1 female player on her college golf team but somehow I think she knew and was smiling.

So...give your mom a hug on Sunday and actually every chance you get. Prepare a special dinner to celebrate her. Need a fresh idea? Ask away...I'm always here.

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catlady13 Premium
I understand missing the moments with your mom, I miss my mom every day and I lost her in 2001. I know she is with me. I can feel her whispering in my ear or helping me think of something. I have even felt a weight, like that of a hand, on my shoulder at times and I know she will always be there.
The-Fran Premium
Beautiful, beautiful story. How wonderful that your mother's legacy continues, passed down now through another generation.

Congratulations to your daughter, too.

One of my best friends from high school, also gets together with her family each year for a golf tournament. So fun to hear.

A sweet tribute.
KarenDemers Premium
Thank you!
MPollock Premium
Nice reminder. thanks for the post.
bigrog44 Premium
Sorry for ur loss. Happy mother's day.
JudeP Premium
I wish mine was still here to give her a hug.
KarenDemers Premium
As do I...as do I.