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As I enjoy this beautiful late summer's day in New England with not a cloud in the sky, my thoughts are with all our Texan friends in the path of Hurricane Harvey. He's moving quickly, about 10 miles per hour and expected to hit Corpus Christi early tomorrow morning if not sooner. Harvey will be the biggest landfall hurricane (category 3) in the US since 2005. Plus, there's also a tornado threat! Corpus Christi and up the coast to Galveston and Houston are expected to get 3 feet of rain...three
February 05, 2017
Or in this case...a dunce. I've been working on building my social media starting with FB. Before joining groups on FB who share my niche, I thought it a good time to add WA banners on various pages and blogs on my site. I watched a recent popular tutorial on how to do this but was repeatedly unsuccessful in every attempt. I'd get the image pasted in the perfect spot, however, when I went to preview it, only the image showed up on a black screen. After several failures, I blamed it on the New E
November 11, 2016
Veterans' DayThank you for your service and thank you for your sacrifice in order that we are able to live free.I'm proud to have several veterans in my network here at WA and wish you ongoing success in your online endeavors. God be with you.
September 27, 2016
I was troubled by a recent post written by Loes entitled "You have to watch your back in everything" where she detailed a phone scam she was a victim of. Thankfully, she caught it early.This made me think of other scams on the rise out there that we should all be on the look out for. One scam prevalent in certain areas involve utility bills. If a person is behind paying his utility bill, a con artist, pretending to work for the energy company, demands a cash payment to avoid the electricity be
May 06, 2016
Mothers' Day is just two days away and I'm hoping it brings love and happiness to every mother, grandmother and great- grandmother. If you have a single pet or a barn full of chickens, you nourish and're a mother, too.Memories...I lost my own mom in 2003, however, not a day passes by without her flitting through my thoughts. I miss our talks, her hugs, her "lipstick kisses" and even her lectures. For years we celebrated Mothers' Day with a family golf tournament my husband and I
May 05, 2016
It's difficult for me to relax and think of going to bed tonight knowing what's going on in Canada. The horrendous wildfire consuming an entire city the size of Chicago, IL is hard to imagine. My heart and prayers goes out to all of you whose lives have been damaged and changed forever by this horrific fire.Please know you are in our hearts and prayers and may God watch over you and keep you safe.Karen
It's March 16th and I went from being on page 1 of the Big 3 to disappearing off the face of the internet.Not being able to log onto my site on any device, I immediately went into panic mode thinking someone hacked into my site and stole it. I emailed a friend asking if she could access my site...nothing, zilch. It's like Table 38 never existed. In Live Chat I asked if anyone else was experiencing a problem, got no response so I submitted a support ticket and sat back and waited. My eyes filled
February 15, 2016
Coming up to my first anniversary with WA! Since joining, I'm constantly amazed at the amount I'm learning about building a website that visitors actually come to on a regular, I'm very happy.Because of my busy daily schedule I may not be progressing along with lessons/classes as quickly as the rest of you (or as I'd like to) BUT I'm publishing good, healthy content and continue to plug away at my own pace. Hey...I'm premium and yearly, which shows my commitment and I'm here for the
April 22, 2015
Check out my post "What is the best fresh seafood?" on Do you have access to fresh, healthy seafood where you live? As I travel a lot, I'd love to know your thoughts and comments of what seafood is available (or lack of) in your area of the world. I look forward to reading your comments. Have a question for me? I'll help you find an answer.
Today I learned all about my ranking within WA - something that totally baffled me initially but over the past few weeks have slowly figured it out. Today's lesson confirmed it. I feel like I just walked out of a dark cave into the brightness of daylight! "Onward and upward" as they say.