Not sure how this happened but I am now an ambassador! lol

Last Update: August 21, 2017

Not sure how I became an ambassador overnight? :o

Was actually trying to avoid becoming an ambassador so quickly because my knowledge is limited when it comes to everything this platform offers.

Am I now expected to KNOW everything? lol

Another thing I noticed is my rank dropped from 55 to 89 in just 24 hours, that's quite a drop!

Not sure what changes are being made but it's strange to drop so much in 1 day and then still be awarded ambassadorship!

Hope they know what they doing behind the scenes :o)

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Carol46 Premium
I'm not sure either as a lot that are saying they have become ambassadors their blogs have been deleted.
Kambas Premium
Looks like a system glitch for now, hope it will be resolved soon, I still have the badge but I am not an ambassador.
Twillmon34 Premium
I got the concern and I need to find out what is going on.
kasage00 Premium
I got it too after my rank drops from being absent and making a plan to leave WA
Kambas Premium
I'm sure this must be some type of glitch, there seems to be a lot of members that became Ambassadors! :D