I made the 6 month mark today in WA!

Last Update: Jan 31, 2019

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On July 31st 2018 I became a Premium member of WA! I made that decision because I wanted the have what I have seen others who have been successful have; the belief in myself to go all in with WA! In the days that I was waiting to be in position to qualify to be upgraded to Premium;I was struck with the fact that all the successful affiliates were Premium members who had their own domain names. I look around and read the many who were successful in WA had the pride ownership of not just 1 domain;multiple domains;so I purchase not 1 but 5!

I am only working on 1 website because I am not that expert who can handle more than 1. Before I started with WA I could barely spell website! Because of the training I am receiving from Kyle and Carson and you wonderful and caring and sharing members of WA;I am slowing learning how the build a successful website that attracts readers to my site!

My next goal is to pay for a year and I will!

Recent Comments


Well done, you are on the right track

Thanks Chong!

Congratulations and wishing you more success in here with WA.

Thanks James!

Congratulations on your 6 months John!

Thanks Mia!

You are doing so well. Just keep up the good work. You're making great progress.

Thanks Fran appreciate your support!

Happy Anniversary John!! 🎉
😎 Shaunna

Thanks Shaunna!

Congrats, John! All the best to your success! :o)

Thanks Terand!


Congratulations, John. Your journey has inspired me a lot. Keep it up.

Thanks Joseph!

Congratulations up to the next 6 months getting your next badge.
Have a great day

Thanks Tommy!

Happy 6-months anniversary John!

Thanks my friend!

My pleasure!

A milestone on a long way...

Thanks Fleeky you are right!

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