Is this a dream or a goal?

Last Update: June 17, 2019


I am reading Tim Ferriss's Tools for Titans.

I have just come across the challenge - "Is this a dream or a goal?"

Wow, that stopped me in my tracks!

No prizes for guessing what it made me think about!

So now I will ask you the same question - is this a dream or a goal?

All the best, Julia

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J-KWest Premium Plus
I haven't read the book yet, but it's on my list :-) I do think it's easy to confuse dreams and goals. I prefer to use the word "vision" rather than dream though, because it's meaning is more deliberate.

Dreams are vague... or at least they are in my head. My vision of where I'm going and what I'm working towards is extremely detailed though, right down to a breath of the crisp morning air... (having lived and spent a lot of time there before I know it's smell, how it feels, etc)

But even though I may call it a goal, I have to agree with Tim Ferriss, it's not really a goal. My goals are another 200 blog posts (broken down into smaller daily goals).

To double my traffic (again, broken down into much smaller goals and milestones that I can control).

To have certain elements on my site complete.

To reach x amount of email subscribers.

To become more efficient and improve my process so I can knock 3 hours off my time from keyword choice to published article.

To improve conversion rates.

And I could go on, LOL

To me... that's the difference between a dream and a goal. A dream is where you want to be, your goals are the things you need to do and achieve to make your dream a reality.
FlorencioQ Premium
"A GOAL WITHOUT A PLAN IS JUST A WISH" I read this quote one day and wrote it down on a notebook. I have around 10 notebooks so I went through all of them looking for it.

Couldn't find it, I go back to my desk and here the notebook is right in front of me with the quote starring right at me lol. Nice post Julia!
BradB18 Premium
For me goals start off as dreams.
It is good to have a dream but it is be is better to be able to make your dream your goal!
GlenPalo Premium
Goals are dreams with deadlines.
OSegun Premium
I wish you all the best.