Keep Focused and Determined Success!

Last Update: August 07, 2017

Keep your Eyes On the Prize!

When we give up it is usually just short of our success.

In October I will be here a year. Wow, it doesn't seem that long.

I am still learning the tricks of the trade here in WA.

My biggest point is learning more about moving traffic to my sites.

They say time flies when you're having fun.

There is nothing more fun than helping people live healthy and happy.

I feel like it is a calling to be able to reach people with information about their own health, so they can make intelligent decisions about their healthcare and a lifestyle of prevention.

More and more people are responding to natural healing and healthcare.

I have had 1 sale and 4 referrals (in WA site).

The referrals do not seem to interact so far.

But I refuse to give up...The people I have helped so far is worth every dime and every second I have invested in WA.

Thank you , Kyle and Carson for the opportunity to have a website and a sharing community like WA..

Awesome to be here.

Stay healthy and happy.

:) Judy

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JulietAA Premium
Well done Judy!
sheikave Premium
Keep it up.
PBitzer Premium
We have a similar niche , as mine is natural safe alternatives for Alzheimenr's disease. Could you give me your website info.. Hoping your site does very well!
MKearns Premium
Best wishes with your developed site and niche Judy!
DebbieRose Premium
Hi....continued success to you. Debbie