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April 07, 2015
It was a normal Thursday morning. I turned my computer on and wrote a blog and checked some emails. About mid-morning I took a break to run some errands and take a ride on my horse A nice day, an enjoyable ride out in the fresh air, and my mind is free and ready to tackle and finish the next blog. All was fine until I turned my computer back on. It came on okay, but the screen suddenly went blue, the icons flashed on and off and kept doing that every few seconds. I tried to click, but it wa
I started in May of 2014.Seven months already and I have a website with articles and pictures.I have followed the course, been stuck and frustrated almost to tears, (well, maybe there were a few, I cry easily), but I keep going and trying.It’s the technical stuff that gets me the worst. Thanks to this wonderful group of people here at Wealthy Affiliate, we lovingly refer to as family, I get the help I seek.I ask a question and get an answer almost before I’m finished asking.I said that earl
December 09, 2014
I got a call from Financial Education Service. I did not call them, it was out of the blue. They wanted me to sign a contract and they would pay the first $100. and I wouldn't have to pay anything for three months. After that it would be $87. a month till the $2700. was paid. In return they would be helping me with my credit score, identity theft protection, and building somekind of business of which I'm still unsure of. They are out of Utah (red flag). It of course all sounded good. I wou
December 02, 2014
With some of the talk around here about Twitter, I thought I would share what happened a bit ago. I opened an email from Twitter and it said one of my tweets had 249 views, 3 new follows and 2 favorites. I thought wow, that's new for me. Then my next thought is now what do I do? Maybe I don't do anything, but it was kind of neat.
November 28, 2014
I took advantage of the yearly Black Friday offer. I feel great about it. It wasn't hard and didn't hurt. lol Now I really need to write more content and work on lessons and continue to be a part of this wonderful community.
When it comes to writing sitting down and putting something on the page everyday will make your writing better, not perfect, but better. My writing “career” has had a lot of ups and downs through the years.I did a lot of reading about it and trying to do the writing practices.I tried to do everything this successful writer said or that one.They all have good things to say and practical advice.But what it came down to is I had to start putting some words on a piece of paper. A long time ago
June 21, 2014
I started this adventure on May 6, 2014. I had been seeking a way to make money online and failing everytime. I want to make a living and be able to give my boss a two week notice. I am anticipating that with great expectation. I found Wealthy Affiliate through Nathaniell. I found his One More Cup of Coffee site and read about WA and thought it all sounded too good. I didn't do anything about it at the time...dumb! I was into another online business and discovered too late that it was a s