My Marathon Journey Progress

Last Update: April 28, 2018

I started this marathon journey about two months ago and plugging along. Like a work out, I have been pumping away at it to stay in shape for this marathon. I have not put in as much time what I was planning for into this affiliate business. It is always a challenge to budget time slots…at least for me. It is a balancing act to set priorities around my regular work schedule and every day responsibilities without losing focus. I did not have any previous experience building a website or business like this before on this level. I am aware of my learning pattern when it comes to learning new information. I struggle with the excuses in my mind to not procrastinate that I give myself.

With that introduction, this is what I have accomplished so far. By following the lessons and reading the posts from the community, the pieces are coming together little by little. Like anything new to learn there is the fumbling period that pulls at you and challenges you from different directions that try to slow you down.

I have spent thousands of dollars and years to get my education in the past. The time learning this new skill and developing the mental discipline to build your own affiliate online business will be well worth the investment. Being an entrepreneur sometimes takes some brave steps to believe in yourself and step out of your comfort zone to make a positive change in the direction you want to go.

You must keep reminding yourself “you can do this!” It is learning to continue to overcome the negative thoughts, feelings and excuses we put on ourselves to make this dream become a reality. This is where surrounding yourself with like-minded people be important. The testimonies in the WA community are encouraging and amazing. People from many backgrounds are doing this and making it happen for themselves in the marketplace promoting their niche online.

At this point with my business, I still must continue by faith like many who are still starting this journey. As you work your business you must hold on by faith that results will come over the course of a year or sooner as you work the system. You just continue to go forward and push through the lessons and get the support you need from the community as questions come up.

Progress So Far

My progress so far is that I have started on two separate niches. I have been learning to craft content that is relevant to the niches I am in. Writing can still be a challenge to me. I always seem to make it harder on myself then it needs to be. As a result, I waste productive time. I have to realize it is a process and steps to take. Thanks to technology we now have software to speed up this process compared to old manual typewriters. It will become easier to learn to write in this format as time goes on. I know everyone’s learning curve is different according to their individual experience in this field. Therefore, my growth compared to your business will vary. I’m in competition with myself.

I realize this is a marathon race and not a sprint. Although there are days, you may be sprinting. I am learning to strive to be consistent to do something with my internet business every day and not just think about it and procrastinate. This may be more challenging to some. Others already have the mind set and discipline as they go forward. These are people that we can learn from and be mentored as they share their progress.

Next Three Months

My plans in the next three months I will continue to build my foundation with the lessons and building momentum. I will further learn how to expand my personal brand through the different ways of advertising. I also will learn to add better graphics and illustrations.

The goal of reaching ambassador is a worthwhile one. Since this is where we measure some of our growth, get our mentors from, receive and give encouragement to others.

Therefore, I will continue to contribute more to the community to pay forward and encourage others on what I know as I grow.

We all need encouragement from the WA community. I think it was ingenious that the founders of WA came up with the support of the community. It is not a waste of time. It is a universal need to feel we belong to something that is worthwhile, to be excepted and be encouraged. We must surround ourselves with like-minded people. From the collective group we get the synergy to move forward.

Next Six Months

My plans over the next six months is to continue to expand my two websites, build my content writing skills and add possibly a couple more websites. I am hoping to start seeing some traffic results that will build my email list. My plans are not only adding more written content to my websites but to add videos in a couple of my websites as well. Any money coming in will be reinvested into expanding advertising as I continue to learn how to do this.

In summary, I have started this marathon journey of a race like others. I am pumping away to stay in shape for this marathon to build this business with my mind and body. I have made some progress over the course of two months. Following the lessons and participating with the WA community for support and giving back I am learning to grow to a new level as a person in this adventure. I am learning what it takes to set priorities to stay on task as you go forward by faith with the dream in your mind and heart. I will continue overcome the challenges in my everyday life as they come up to reach my goal to build an affiliate internet business.

If you will pump long enough, hard enough, and enthusiastically enough, sooner or later the effort will bring forth the reward.” (Zig Ziglar)

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