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Springing into 2019 with life changing events from last year. Reviewing my growth and progress over 2018. Some things I am proud of, and other areas had small victories. Life also happens and how you choose to grow through the experience makes a better you. Often, we can be our own worse critic then need to be. Always choose a positive outcome as you wire your hard drive to do so. My biggest thing for last part of 2017-2018 was dealing with my middle daughters breast cancer and watching he
November 28, 2018
Just like our WA community we all sharing something in common to build each other up and help us all on this journey to make our dreams happen for ourselves and families. I have to say my Thanksgiving day observed in the US was something like be part of a large community. Let me share. It started out like this. It's the night before turkey and all through the house not a gobble was heard not even peep. Now that I got your attention let me tell you what I really did for Thanksgiving how I exper
May 03, 2018
Starting something new and daring there are common fears that people often face and go through. These are common when stepping out of your comfort zone and you want to challenge yourself to grow as a person. The same fears of entrepreneurs are common across many areas in life when you are starting something new. I have explored many areas in my life to step out of my comfort zone that I wanted to do. Some areas I had more success than other. In life my experiences are and have been as follows:
I started this marathon journey about two months ago and plugging along. Like a work out, I have been pumping away at it to stay in shape for this marathon. I have not put in as much time what I was planning for into this affiliate business. It is always a challenge to budget time slots…at least for me. It is a balancing act to set priorities around my regular work schedule and every day responsibilities without losing focus. I did not have any previous experience building a website or
March 19, 2018
I made it to through the first 10 lessons to get my certification. The information is still jumbling in my mind and so much more to learn that will be exciting as I press forward on this journey. I am learning more and more from the community.