Fears of Entrepreneurs

Last Update: May 03, 2018

Starting something new and daring there are common fears that people often face and go through. These are common when stepping out of your comfort zone and you want to challenge yourself to grow as a person. The same fears of entrepreneurs are common across many areas in life when you are starting something new. I have explored many areas in my life to step out of my comfort zone that I wanted to do. Some areas I had more success than other. In life my experiences are and have been as follows: Author, Actor, Bodybuilder, Entrepreneur, Father, Husband, Minister, Student, Teacher and served 24 years in the US Army National Guard and Air Force Reserve. in each case, the fears were the same I experienced in some degree. I grew from each experience. It is with those experiences that lead me to once again step out of my comfort zone to go into an online affiliate business. There are several fears and excuses we give ourselves when going after a dream and goal. I will go over ten of those reasons that are most common that I have experienced at some level.

Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is a big one and most common. People come up with various reasons that causes them to sit on the side line without even trying. It is that tiny voice in the back of your mind that something will go wrong and make a fool out of yourself. When faced with these thoughts you must ask yourself failure may come and setbacks. But what can I learn from the experience and how can I improve to do better. The fear of failure is your teacher. As an actor, did I get my lines and character right the first time. Did I ride my bicycle perfect the first time, did I play a musical instrument perfect the first time? Of course not. I continued to practice until.

Fear of Taking A Risk

You have looked at over all the possibilities and considerations. You have added up the numbers and cost and it appears you could start on this adventure okay. You still afraid of taking a risk. When it comes down to it, even after you though it over and the outcome and numbers look good there is still no guarantee the outcome will be favorable without setback to occur. At the same time, we are quality of building up unreal circumstances in our mind taking place.

The Fear of Lack of Education and Training

You may feel you are not qualified and lack the experience and training. This is often an easy one to overcome by getting further training. You may have to work in an area in a lower rank position to gain some experience and observe. You may take extra courses, classes at a school or online to gain that knowledge. The resources are abundant now days to locate online courses and finding the right person.

The Fear of Not Being Able to Please Everyone

This is also common and really ridicules when you think about it. Of course, you’re not going to please everyone. Not everyone has the same interest as you do, and personalities are all different at different levels. If you’re a real people pleasure the fear of not being able to please everyone can be real. All you can do is be the best you in what you know and grow in that area to improve. For example, in business, hobbies, sports and so on that may you know just who your market is and finding those of the same interest that are looking in that market.

The Fear of Not Knowing Where to Start

You may have an interest passion and even a business plan or idea. You lack one thing. Where do I to start? You like a lost puppy. The fear of not knowing were to start is also a common thread of being an entrepreneur or perusing an interest. It is often said to find someone who is doing what you want to do or similar and seek them out or others like that business or person. You may want to find a mentor in that field of interest. Do research on that person or business? Contact them and see if they are open to a personal interview. This type of information did not come easy when I was young. Now days you can just seem to find it on the internet were to start.

Fear of Not Attracting Clients

This goes with the fear of pleasing everyone. It may take some time to establish your brand and place in the market to overcome the fear of not attracting clients. If you did your research and prepared yourself to present your talents and services by making improvements the clients will come. It can be a scary thing when you put yourself forward exposing yourself. With the right attitude, smile and energy things will start to happen for you. As the line in the movie Field of Dreams goes, "build it and he will come."

Fear of Being Considered Eccentric

The fear of thinking you are stepping out of your comfort zone. You want to play it safe and stay in your box. To start a business takes some courage to escape the comfort of your 9 to 5 jobs. You may even hate your job, but the idea of taking the time to work beyond your 9 to 5 jobs and step out on your own may be too eccentric for you. Others may think you’re crazy to start a business out of the blue or you may have tried it before. To overcome this is to come up and write down a realistic plan what you need to do to come up with the finances or education needed. You may have to just believe in your weirdness as a talent to convenience others to believe in your abilities as well.

Fear of Not Being an Expert

Learning about your area of interest or business is an ongoing education. You may know enough to get started and taken the steps to learn about interest or business. To help overcome the fear of not being an expert is relating to others who are in the same field of interest and nature of business. They are your community support and mentors. Being an expert is an ongoing process as you learn more about your field of interest. You will build more confidence overtime.

The Fear of Disappointing Family

This can be hard if you are holding a jobs and supporting a family at the same time. The fear of disappointing family can be an emotional letdown since you must sacrifice some time away from the family to get your business going. Even personal hobbies and interest can take away from the family. You must be creative on how starting your business will improve the quality of the family unit. How a hobby can be used to include other family members to spend time with. You must let your family know your business will take some time and energy and you will not be giving up while in the trenches laying down the foundation. More likely your family will be supportive of you and understanding when you keep lines of communication open with them.

The Fear of Lack of Funding

Every business would be easy if you can overcome the fear of lack of funding from the very beginning. This is not always the case. Not everyone has the startup capital or can't secure a loan to start a business. This will take some realistic plans to write down. You will have to brain storm with yourself and others to find various ways and steps that will take some time to work your plan.


Fears of entrepreneurs are common to overcome. Not only for entrepreneurs but also in other areas of life you may want to start or step out of your box to try something knew you are feeling passionate about and want to grow as a person. I can testify that I have experienced all these fears in one way or another when I stepped out of my own confront zone. It is all part of overcoming as a person. I know I have to face these kinds of fears again with starting my own online affiliate business.

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TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Judson
WOW - this is a neat list of fears that you have identified! It is only when we can shine the light on it, that we can overcome it and it loses is grip and can't hold us back.
Thanks for sharing! Wishing you all of the very best, Judson!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
buffetearns Premium
Nice post! Fear can stop us doing things, but we cant let it!

TeamIceCream Premium
Hi friend Wayne :-)
WOW - thanks for sharing this photo of your "office"! ;-) Excellent - love it!
Wishing you a winning day! ;-)
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)