3 tips on how to organize your life


Have you ever sat and wondered whether you can still afford the training at WA? So much goes on in life and there are so many things which we think we need, when the truth is we can make life so much simpler, and save money at the same time!

1: Make a list of your goals.

Write down what your financial goals are and why you need to save money. What means the most to you? Your career and moving forward here with the tools WA provide you with? Your family? Getting yourself out of debt now so you can enjoy the future?

Now concentrate on which are your top 3-5 goals. Almost immediately you can focus on the important things and start to train yourself to forget or ignore those things which may negatively impact on your goals.

2: Place everything negotiable on the table.

What is holding you back and dragging you down? Do you have a huge mortgage which constantly makes you fearful about the possibility of foreclosure? Do you have a gas-guzzling car which costs you a fortune in running costs?

Can you look at downsizing both for the short term? Would that free up necessary finances to enable you to move forward with confidence?

There's no law which states that you must get rid of these choke-holds around your neck, but ask yourself how you would feel if you did. If you downsize now to free up much needed cash, then you can re-think later about where you want to live, when you've concentrated on your own business and made some money online.

3: If you have kids, make saving money fun!

Kids hate being told that you don't have the money to do something. What they do enjoy though, is being involved in family fun. Instead of 'treating' them to a fast food restaurant at the weekend, get together and make some home-made pizzas or chicken goujons, (whichever is their particular favorite.)

You will not only save a pile of money, but you will also know that there are no nasty additives or other hidden rubbish in the food you give them.

Get them to sort out their bedrooms and have a garage sale at the weekend. They will have fun making a few pennies; their bedrooms will be de-cluttered, (saving you some unnecessary work!) and they will learn the value of money if you allow them to save what they 'earned' towards their next 'must-have' item.

Hopefully you will soon start to save enough money to be able to comfortably afford your monthly investment here at WA as a Premium member. And look on it as an investment and not a cost - it's an investment into your future, your increased knowledge and education, and into your business.

After all, every business needs investment, whether it's a 'real' bricks and mortar one, or an online one. When something costs you, you get nothing in return. With WA you get bags in return!

Have a wonderful working week my WA friends.

Ciao for now, Jude.

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Hi Jude, great blog. I'm working on downsizing in order to retire early. Yes, you can live on less and still be happy. Less bills = more freedom, less headaches, and more options for taking care of yourself and enjoying life. -Shannon

Absolutely the right mindset. Thanks for taking the time to comment Shannon :)

Many thanks for this post Jude, I agree that WA is definitely an investment not a cost, and one that I do not begrudge for a moment! The future is bright!! Take care :)

Thanks so much, I love the positive mindset :)

You are welcome Jude! Positivity is everything, yes? :)

It certainly is!

Great post! Making wise investments and the simple concept of saving more than you spend can definitely bring happiness.

Exactly, thanks again for stopping by Jon, I appreciate it :)

Thanks Jude, these are amazing thoughts and real down to earth advise! Looking forward for more great stuff like this

Well said my friend, now I'll await your recommendations on juggling WA, with a consulting position, a side business and being a local activist that has to run an organization, and meet newspaper deadlines. There simply are not enough hours in a day even on the days that I go at it for 22 hours straight. Open to ideas, Thanks. Mitch

Hey Mitch, I know what you mean. I also do freelance writing to pay the bills at the moment, work with an Internet Marketer selling his coaching program and have to worry about 2 sick daughters as well as ill health in myself. It's never easy is it? But, I focus on knowing that if I work hard now, I will have a batter life later. Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to comment :)

Mine are grown, less to worry about. My problem is that what I'm involved with, I'm very passionate about. I'm doing more now than I did when I was young. I'm doing it backwards, but I decided that I want to leave a legacy, so I have to get more done in a shorter period of time if I'm to leave my mark.

And I'm confident that you will get there Mitch, you seem to have the right mindset and aren't afraid of hard work :)

I never saw money as an end in itself.
The more money you earn the more substantial responsibility.
But they have a point system for how well I cope. What I often do and this is my closest it is that they spend more than they earn. It is a skewed distribution if I may say so. I consider my whole setup as a business.
I have 3 common places where I place my money first, there's the account where I get my salary.
It will slowly grow bigger and more substantial. I have a Bugdet and I deposit more than is necessary to also grow and gives me a leeway for contingencies.
The last item is my savings are there for backup if all else fails or I find a project I have to invest
in. In addition to it as I live just fine with a fair budget that must be kept.
It may well be that I do not earn a fortune but I have control over what I have

And having that control is THE most important thing. I have often seen people spend more than they earn without a thought for tomorrow. Thanks so much for taking time to comment :)

You are welcome Jude! Unfortunately I think that it is more the rule than the exception

Using the term 'investment' versus 'cost' is exactly the perspective which I take.
An investment in your future and all that THAT holds.

Precisely the view that I hope people will take. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting :)

Excellent post I use to spend a lot money on thing I didn't need, Now sense joining WA I'm more about saving and working on my business, My goal is to upgrade to yearly by June of this year..Why June it My birthday....lol...thank Jude

That will be the best birthday present you could give yourself Anthony. I know it's a lot of money to come up with at one time, but you don't then need to worry about it for another year. Thanks for taking time out to comment, I appreciate it :)

Great great points!!!

I'm a firm believer that most people will find ways to get the money if they really feel it's (the service, product, etc) necessary that they need it. I constantly see these spending habits with my clients (both low and high income) in handling their finances and responsibilities.

You'll be shocked by what some people spend money on and it does NOT bring them value or help them improve their situation.

Once a person understands value, then they make better choices.

I absolutely agree about value - sometimes it's surprising what people actually put value on! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment :)

Ain't that the truth!!

When I used to work in credit counselling and negotiated people's debts, I would have to go over their financial budgets with them to see how much money we could use to negotiate with the creditors. And the things that people would lie about, or the things they would claim were a necessity, completely crazy!!!

Yeah, I used to work in Banking and some of the excuses people made when they couldn't pay their loans or mortgage, whatever. I've had people tell me that they had to continue smoking as their doctor said it would help their nerves!! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking time out to comment :)

Great reminder! These are also some great ideas for saving money. We have also considered selling or repurposing things we no longer need or use as a way to not only declutter but also save money as well.

That's great news, I'm glad it's not just me! thanks for taking the time to comment :)

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