Level 4 completed and 6 Month with WA

Last Update: Jun 10, 2020

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Level 4 completed

Well, it took some time but I am delighted to let you know I have finished level 4. I am still traveling fairly slow, but I suppose at least we are still moving forwards :)

I am excited to start the last level of the training level 5. I have several articles ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo, however my website traffic is still very slow. Also, I am not sure how long people on average will stay on pages, but I find visitors not staying very long on my pages. I hope to improve this over the next 6 months.

6 Months with WA

Today I received my 6 months dedication certificate as well, very delighted I have the opportunity to learn for 6 months in this awesome community, I have learned a significant amount of stuff. And even more still to learn in the road ahead. Big thank you to all supporting members to share and care, it is much appreciated and very inspiring as well.

Next 6 Months

I have 23 posts on my website now, I know it is less than it should be but it is all I could do. I aim to create at least another 27 in the next 6 months to come at a total of 50. My goal is to improve my content as well. I know you have to be happy with your current level, but I am really keen to keep practicing and increasing my writing skill to up my game.

Other than that I am still busy on Pinterest and trying out Tailwind on recommendation from Sonny the other day in previous post https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/jude81/blog/3-week-progress-...

I joined 3 tribes on Windtail and schedule my pins now who should be realised on the times my audience is most active. I can definitely see the benefits and power of Tailwind, but I can't really say I have much greater impressions with them since I joined, but it might be a bit early to make a judgment just yet, excited to see what will happen in the next couple of weeks.

Other than that I am looking really forwards to a first sale, but I suppose I just have to be patient and one day it will just happen :).

Thank you my friends for your ongoing support and sharing your knowledge, it is much appreciated it and apologies for my limited time spend on the platform, I struggle to find enough hours in my day to get things done, I hope you understand.

Best wishes to all and a wonderful Wednesday.


Recent Comments


Slow and steady wins the race Jude!
Better to take your time and do each step well, than rush through and not complete all the tasks.
Keep up the great work!


Thanks for your ongoing support and comment Dave, I appreciate it. I hope you Re keeping well.

The way to go Jude.

Take care............ Johan.

Thanks Johan, I appreciate your comment.
Best wishes

Nice job, Jude and Happy 6 month WAnniversary! Jeff

Thanks a lot, Jeff, I hope you are doing well. Best wishes to you.

I am, Thanks! Enjoy your weekend, Jude!


Congrats Jude

Thank you, I appreciate your comment.

Congratulations for this achievement !

Thanks a lot, I appreciate it.

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