WordPress Updates. Why so many?

Last Update: April 24, 2018

Some of you are probably wondering why we get updates to WordPress so often. It actually is a good thing for users of the platform but why so many updates. Well, there are many reasons why it is necessary. As online entrepreneurs, our business websites are our most valuable asset. These updates protect our websites and keep us abreast of any updates and changes. Here are some things that these updates provide:


With every new release, Wordpress will provide information on any new or updated features to the platform. If a new feature is added, they will include an introductory tutorial on it to get users familiar with them.


As with any operating systems, errors or bugs will likely occur at some point and time. Some will be reported by users and some will be identified by developers. When corrective actions have been established, WordPress will integrate them on the new release.

New and Updated Plugins

Plugins are a number 1 source that Hackers use to access your website. Wordpress will alert you if there are updates to plugins that you use on your website. A good practice is to always update your plugin when they become available. Another good practice is to delete any plugins that you no longer use.

New and Updated Themes

Developers are constantly updating themes that they have developed to improve on them. New themes also gets added often. WordPress alerts you if there are any new changes to the theme that you are using. Updates normally include new features that have been added so it’s a good practice to update them whenever they become available.


This is probably the most important reason why we should always update our WordPress version. Because Wordpress powers over 23 percent of all websites worldwide, it is an extremely popular with hackers because they can reach thousands of potential victims, most without their knowledge until the damage their produced is done. WordPress works hard at identifying malicious activities and implement fixes through their updates. If you aren’t updating your version, chances of you website being hacked is extremely high.


So as you can see, WordPress Updates are an invaluable resource for us as WordPress website owners. It may seem repetitious at times but it is well worth the time to update your version whenever an update becomes available. The short time it takes you to perform an update can possibly save you a lot of lost time and revenue in the long run.

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Pernilla Premium
Thank you Jerome for sharing this information.
Yes, sometimes it feels like " oh no, not another update, now I have to make a backup again".

Your post is a mindset changer! Now I will instead think "how great another update, after doing that, I know my website is secured and safe".

Better now go and do the plugin updates which are due!
jtaienao Premium
You’re welcome Pernilla. It does seem like the updates come pretty often but it’s actually for our protection which is a good thing. Thanks for your input.
viyee Premium
Thanks Jerome.
Yes I can see that is so true.
I had a site with an old theme that was no longer updated and it got hacked.
We have to be so careful these days.
Thanks for your clarification.
MojalefaR Premium
Mouse new knowledge I have acquired today.

Thank you very much for this valuable post.

Forever Grateful
jtaienao Premium
That’s the great thing about WA Mojalefa, we learn so much for each other. Onwards and upwards.